[Pkg] SystemEditor: SystemEditor-mtf.144.mcz

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Sun Oct 26 05:04:35 UTC 2008

A new version of SystemEditor was added to project SystemEditor:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: SystemEditor-mtf.144
Author: mtf
Time: 25 October 2008, 10:05:37 pm
UUID: 764f8db8-5d21-4262-a22c-5210aa54c69c
Ancestors: SystemEditor-mtf.143

enable the new instance migrator. HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL. May result in crashes

=============== Diff against SystemEditor-mtf.143 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ClassEditor>>edPrepareInstanceMigration: (in category 'building') -----
  edPrepareInstanceMigration: txn
+ 	txn migrateInstancesOf: self subject to: self product!
- 	txn addMigrator: (InstanceMigrator from: self subject to: self product)!

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