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Sat Dec 12 14:29:29 UTC 2009

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of Tests to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tests-ul.39
Author: ul
Time: 12 December 2009, 2:51:15 am
UUID: fdbd907d-c421-b841-bc0c-dc01ab1764b8
Ancestors: Tests-bf.38

- replace sends of #ifNotNilDo: to #ifNotNil:, #ifNil:ifNotNilDo: to #ifNil:ifNotNil:, #ifNotNilDo:ifNil: to #ifNotNil:ifNil:

=============== Diff against Tests-bf.38 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ChangeSetClassChangesTest>>tearDown (in category 'running') -----
+ 	(Smalltalk classNamed: #JunkClass) ifNotNil: [:c | c removeFromSystem: true].
- 	(Smalltalk classNamed: #JunkClass) ifNotNilDo: [:c | c removeFromSystem: true].
  	SystemOrganization removeCategory: #'DeleteMe-1'.
  	SystemOrganization removeCategory: #'DeleteMe-2'.
  	ChangeSet current removeClassChanges: 'JunkClass'

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