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Tue Dec 22 11:44:03 UTC 2009

Andreas Raab uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-ar.200
Author: ar
Time: 22 December 2009, 12:43:17 pm
UUID: 54b8da73-2e10-a040-9ee9-23ecc8d92681
Ancestors: System-nice.199

CompiledMethodTrailer phase 1: Preparations.

=============== Diff against System-nice.199 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SystemDictionary>>testFormatter (in category 'housekeeping') -----
  	"Smalltalk testFormatter"
  	"Reformats the source for every method in the system, and
  	then compiles that source and verifies that it generates
  	identical code. The formatting used will be either classic
  	monochrome or fancy polychrome, depending on the setting
  	of the preference #colorWhenPrettyPrinting." 
  	"Note: removed references to Preferences colorWhenPrettyPrinting and replaced them simply with false, as I've been removing this preference lately. --Ron Spengler 8/23/09"
  	| newCodeString methodNode oldMethod newMethod badOnes n |
  	badOnes := OrderedCollection new.
  	self forgetDoIts.
  	'Formatting all classes...' 
  		displayProgressAt: Sensor cursorPoint
  		from: 0
  		to: CompiledMethod instanceCount
  			[:bar | 
  			n := 0.
  			self systemNavigation allBehaviorsDo: 
  					[:cls | 
  					"Transcript cr; show: cls name."
  					cls selectorsDo: 
  							[:selector | 
  							(n := n + 1) \\ 100 = 0 ifTrue: [bar value: n].
  							newCodeString := cls prettyPrinterClass 
  										format: (cls sourceCodeAt: selector)
  										in: cls
  										notifying: nil
  										decorated: false.
  							methodNode := cls compilerClass new 
  										compile: newCodeString
  										in: cls
  										notifying: nil
  										ifFail: [].
+ 							newMethod := methodNode generate.
- 							newMethod := methodNode generate: #(0 0 0 0).
  							oldMethod := cls compiledMethodAt: selector.
  							oldMethod = newMethod 
  										show: '***' , cls name , ' ' , selector.
  									badOnes add: cls name , ' ' , selector]]]].
  	self systemNavigation browseMessageList: badOnes asSortedCollection
  		name: 'Formatter Discrepancies'!

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