[Pkg] Installer: Installer-Core-kph.312.mcz

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Thu Feb 26 05:39:30 UTC 2009

A new version of Installer-Core was added to project Installer:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Installer-Core-kph.312
Author: kph
Time: 26 February 2009, 5:39:27 am
UUID: 427e358a-8e13-492e-b7b8-68bc5e3c1341
Ancestors: Installer-Core-kph.311

upgraded upgrade

=============== Diff against Installer-Core-kph.311 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Installer class>>upgrade (in category 'instanciation') -----
  	Installer ss project: 'Installer'; 
  		installQuietly: 'Installer-Core';
+ 		installQuietly: 'Installer-Scripts';
+ 		installQuietly: 'Installer-Formats'..
- 		installQuietly: 'Installer-Scripts'.
  	^ self!

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