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==================== Summary ====================

Name: Packages-Library-kph.85
Author: kph
Time: 1 July 2009, 1:51:03 pm
UUID: cc1b69bb-dd5d-4d42-984d-341325e45c2f
Ancestors: Packages-Library-kph.84

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PackagesSqueak37U>>Taskbar{Uncategorized} (source same but rev changed)

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Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PackagesSqueak37U>>Taskbar (in category 'Uncategorized') -----
  	self name: 'Taskbar'.
  	self version: '0.6'.
  	info category: 'Uncategorized'.
  	info description: 
  'A simple morphic taskbar (similar to the taskbars available for many windowing
  systems).  Shows a list of buttons representing windows and morphs in your world.
  Pressing a window''s button brings that window to the front and activates it.  If
  it is already in the front then it is hidden.  Replaces the default collapse
  behavior for windows so that they hide/unhide instead.  Pressing a Morph''s button
  brings it to the front and raises it''s halo.  Can be placed on a global flap.
  Execute "WindowListMorph open" to start (or use "Taskbar" from the open menu).'.
  	info maintainer: ''.
  	info homepage: ''.
  	info squeakMapID: ''.
  	info url: 'http://universes.dnsalias.net:8888/universes/repositories/stable-3.7/WindowList-cds.28.mcz'.
  	self provides: #().
  	self dependsOn: #().

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