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Thu Jul 30 14:23:53 UTC 2009

Damien Cassou uploaded a new version of Installer-Scripts to project Installer:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Installer-Scripts-damiencassou.21
Author: damiencassou
Time: 30 July 2009, 4:23:46 pm
UUID: a3e5a5ee-bb89-4f0d-b133-d9787ee76a6c
Ancestors: Installer-Scripts-damiencassou.20

- One more fix integrated into Pharo

=============== Diff against Installer-Scripts-damiencassou.20 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: InstallerScripts>>scriptLevelPlayingFieldPreamblePharo (in category 'as yet unclassified') -----
  Transcript show: 'Preamble found:'.
  "Version 1 of this fix is not really good:"
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '7308 SystemVersion product and majorMinorVersion'.
  "The following fixes are in Pharo already:"
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '7131 Syntax Error dialogs raise more errors than does the calling Parser'.
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '7205 Monticello Snapshot Speedup via new MethodReference ivar'.
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '7218 ClassOrganizer categories breaks if given an empty array'.
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '7166 speedup allSelectors add allSelectorsBelow'.
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '7291 MC1.5 overrides methods in HTTPSocket'.
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '5851 Refactor SmalltalkImage saveAs'.
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '7313 MethodContext allInstancesDo fix to avoid infinite loop'.
  "This one is mostly in, see Pharo issue #327"
  Installer mantis ensureFix: '6426: ifNotNil: dont accept monadic blocks'.
+ "
+ This script currently only installs fux 6086 which is in Pharo already
+ Installer install: 'LevelPlayingField-PreambleAllBut'.
+ "!
- Installer install: 'LevelPlayingField-PreambleAllBut'.!

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