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==================== Summary ====================

Name: Packages-Library-kph.42
Author: kph
Time: 7 March 2009, 1:31:48 am
UUID: ba6f716a-0ab7-11de-9863-000a95edb42a
Ancestors: Packages-Library-kph.41

auto regenerated:

PackagesDevU>>PolymorphWidgets{User Interface}
PackagesDevU>>PolymorphToolBuilder{User Interface}
PackagesDevU>>OmniBrowserMorphic{Code Browsing}

=============== Diff against Packages-Library-kph.41 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PackagesDevU>>PolymorphWidgets (in category 'User Interface') -----
  	self name: 'Polymorph Widgets'.
+ 	self version: '1.4'.
- 	self version: '1.3'.
  	info category: 'User Interface'.
  	info description: 
  'Modifies Morphic to provide for selectable theming of controls and provides a framework and extra Morphs for creating consistent user interfaces. 
  Improves both look and feel.
  Fixes a few problems too (corner grips, window titlebar sizing wrt fonts...).
  Noteable changes since last release:
+ Disabled text editors/entries now support applicable (read-only) shortcut keys (browseIt etc.) and keyboard scrolling/selection.
+ Added #morphicPatternPane to FileList for compatability with Pharo (FileList2 functionality has been merged into FileList). Remains present in FileList2 for Squeak, ignore FileList2 warning when loading into Pharo.
+ Added PopupChoiceDialogWindowWithMessage submitted by Alain Plantec, supported via UIManager.
+ Tweaked PopupChoiceDialogWindow to make menu list fill area if smaller than eventual scrollable area.
+ SystemWindow drop shadows now themed.
+ MenuMorph close-box/title area tweaked as suggested by Alain Plantec.
+ Tooltips available for window controls/popup-menus regardless of noviceMode preference.
+ Performance improvement on window passivation.
+ Tweaks to button label colour handling.
+ Refactored ColorPresenterMorph  and ColorChooserMorph.
+ Removed methods with identical superclass behaviour.
+ PluggableButtonMorph layout offset now adaptive to corners that are rounded.
+ Project>>finalEnterActions uses "self class" rather than direct reference. Will need adaptation for Pharo due to missing project navigators.
+ Various other changes after linting.
+ Support square tab buttons in Watery 2.
+ More flexible drop shadow handling (reselect Watery 2 theme in preferences to enable diffuse drop shadow for active windows).
+ Moved Monticello UI changes from Pinesoft-Fixes-Monticello.
+ MCTool>>show forced to ToolBuilder compatible version (changed by lr for some reason in Pharo). Latest derived from 3.10 (returns window from ToolBuilder build).
+ Fix for new windows sometimes not having correct fullBounds when activated and active/inactive drop shadows used.
+ Moved MCMergeBrowser>>widgetSpecs from Pinesoft-Fixes-Monticello.
+ Fixed MCChangeSelector>>widgetSpecs.
+ When taskbar used, minimised windows no properly placed offscreen to avoid mouse click interception.
+ Refactored drop shadow drawing in themes.
+ Fixed initial horizontal scrollbar setup for PluggableListMorphs. (a little slower but working. Broken things can obviously perform more quickly!!)
+ Layout tweaks for PluggableButtonMorph.
+ Change for morphicLayerNumberWithin: that was causing docking bar not to respond to first click when window activated. Much simpler now.
+ Support for morphs handling drop shadow when in hand.
+ Diffuse drop shadows handled by theme when in hand.
+ Fix for HandMorph>>fullDrawOn: not being catgegorised to Polymorph.
+ Fix for mis-categorised method on SystemWindow (required for navigation keys to work).
+ BorderStyles print as reconstructable code.
+ Fix for button for currently selected window in tasklist not being differentiated when using Watery 2 theme.
+ Tasklist/taskbar-preview tweaks and fixes.
+ New menu pushpin (stay-up) icon.
- Changed browser button rows to use a theme row.
- Balloon help now themed.
- Cosmetic changes to DropListMorphs and ExpanderTitleMorphs.
- ImageFillStyles support offset into form to allow clipping to part of form.
- Fix for Morph>>layoutChanged to clear caches.
- #taskbarLabel supported for windows and models.
- Fix for y/n keys on proceed dialogs.
  	info maintainer: 'Gary Chambers'.
  	info homepage: 'http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6005'.
  	info squeakMapID: ''.
+ 	info url: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/UIEnhancements/Polymorph-Widgets-gvc.57.mcz'.
- 	info url: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/UIEnhancements/Polymorph-Widgets-gvc.39.mcz'.
  	self provides: #().
  	self dependsOn: #().

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PackagesDevU>>OmniBrowserMorphic (in category 'Code Browsing') -----
  	self name: 'OmniBrowser-Morphic'.
+ 	self version: '0.84'.
- 	self version: '0.83'.
  	info category: 'Code Browsing'.
  	info description: 
  'OB-Standard represents the classical system browser implemented with the OmniBrowser framework.'.
  	info maintainer: 'Damien Cassou <damien.cassou at gmail.com>'.
  	info homepage: 'http://source.wiresong.ca/ob/'.
  	info squeakMapID: ''.
+ 	info url: 'http://source.wiresong.ca/ob/OB-Morphic-dr.84.mcz'.
- 	info url: 'http://source.wiresong.ca/ob/OB-Morphic-dr.83.mcz'.
  	self provides: #().
  	self dependsOn: #('OmniBrowser' 'OmniBrowser-Standard').

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PackagesDevU>>PolymorphToolBuilder (in category 'User Interface') -----
  	self name: 'Polymorph ToolBuilder'.
+ 	self version: '1.3'.
- 	self version: '1.2'.
  	info category: 'User Interface'.
  	info description: 
  'Integrates Polymorph widgets with Squeak''s development environment via UIManager.'.
  	info maintainer: 'Gary Chambers'.
  	info homepage: 'http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6005'.
  	info squeakMapID: ''.
+ 	info url: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/UIEnhancements/Polymorph-ToolBuilder-gvc.6.mcz'.
- 	info url: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/UIEnhancements/Polymorph-ToolBuilder-gvc.4.mcz'.
  	self provides: #().
  	self dependsOn: #('Polymorph Widgets').

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