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Sat Mar 7 11:25:18 UTC 2009

A new version of Packages-Library was added to project Packages:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Packages-Library-kph.45
Author: kph
Time: 7 March 2009, 11:24:50 am
UUID: 93748bd8-0b0a-11de-ba95-000a95edb42a
Ancestors: Packages-Library-kph.44

auto regenerated:

PackagesSqueak37U>>Smalltalk72{Uncategorized} (source same but rev changed)

=============== Diff against Packages-Library-kph.44 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PackagesSqueak37U>>Smalltalk72 (in category 'Uncategorized') -----
  	self name: 'Smalltalk 72'.
  	self version: '1'.
  	info category: 'Uncategorized'.
  	info description: 
  'Dan Ingalls did an emulation of the Smalltalk-72 emulator for Alan Kay''s birthday.
  The original Smalltalk 72 User Manual is available:
  	info maintainer: ''.
  	info homepage: ''.
  	info squeakMapID: ''.
  	info url: 'http://universes.dnsalias.net:8888/universes/repositories/stable-3.7/Smalltalk72.sar'.
  	self provides: #().
  	self dependsOn: #().

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