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Fri Dec 10 09:51:06 UTC 2010

Alexander Lazarević uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-laza.285
Author: laza
Time: 10 December 2010, 10:50:37.191 am
UUID: 2a126755-91c9-834b-a8e8-8175a8b841fd
Ancestors: Tools-fbs.284

Do nothing if method gets dragged on -all- method category.
Make it possible to drag method to "as yet unclassified" method category.

=============== Diff against Tools-fbs.284 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Browser>>dropOnMessageCategories:at: (in category 'drag and drop') -----
  dropOnMessageCategories: method at: index
  	| dstClass category copy |
  	copy := Sensor shiftPressed.
  	(method isKindOf: CompiledMethod) 
  		ifFalse:[^self inform: 'Can only drop methods'].
  	dstClass := self selectedClassOrMetaClass.
  	(dstClass == method methodClass) ifTrue:[
  		category := self messageCategoryList at: index.
+ 		category = ClassOrganizer allCategory ifTrue: [^false].
+ 		dstClass organization classify: method selector  under: category suppressIfDefault: false.
- 		dstClass organization classify: method selector  under: category.
  	copy ifFalse: [
  		(self confirm: (
  			'Classes {1} and {2} are unrelated.{3}Are you sure you want to move this method?'
  				format: { method methodClass. dstClass. Character cr })) 
  					ifFalse: [ ^false ] ].
  		compile: method getSource
  		classified: (self messageCategoryList at: index)
  		withStamp: method timeStamp
  		notifying: nil.
  	copy ifFalse: [
  		method methodClass removeSelector: method selector ].

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