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Mon Jan 4 01:53:45 UTC 2010

Andreas Raab uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-ar.220
Author: ar
Time: 4 January 2010, 2:52:17 am
UUID: c51edc53-d04b-0e4d-bb6e-4b225951c39f
Ancestors: System-ar.219

Make Protocols unloadable: Avoid dependencies on Vocabulary.

=============== Diff against System-ar.219 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Utilities class>>postRecompileCleanup (in category 'closure support') -----
  postRecompileCleanup	"Utilities postRecompileCleanup"
  	"Cleanup after loading closure bootstrap"
  	| unboundMethods contexts |
  	ProcessorScheduler startUp.
  	WeakArray restartFinalizationProcess.
  	MethodChangeRecord allInstancesDo:[:x| x noteNewMethod: nil].
  	Undeclared removeUnreferencedKeys.
  	Delay startTimerEventLoop.
  	EventSensor install.
  	WorldState allInstancesDo:[:ws| ws convertAlarms; convertStepList].
  	(Workspace canUnderstand: #initializeBindings) 
  		ifTrue:[Workspace allInstancesDo:[:ws| ws initializeBindings]].
  	ExternalDropHandler initialize.
  	ScrollBar initializeImagesCache.
+ 	Smalltalk at: #Vocabulary ifPresent:[:aClass| aClass initialize].
- 	Vocabulary initialize.
  	Smalltalk garbageCollect.
  	GradientFillStyle initPixelRampCache.
  	Smalltalk at: #ServiceGui ifPresent:[:sg| sg initialize].
  		at: #SokobanMorph
  		ifPresent: [:sm| sm initFields].
  		at: #DebuggerMethodMap
  		ifPresent: [:dmm| dmm voidMapCache].
  		at: #KClipboard
  		ifPresent: [:kcb| kcb clearDefault].
  		at: #ServiceRegistry
  		ifPresent: [:sr| sr rebuild].
  	(ProcessBrowser respondsTo: #registerWellKnownProcesses) ifTrue:
  		[ProcessBrowser registerWellKnownProcesses].
  		at: #DebuggerMethodMap
  		ifPresent: [:dmm| dmm voidMapCache].
  	Smalltalk at: #ServiceRegistry ifPresent:[:cls| cls rebuild].
  	Smalltalk forgetDoIts.
  	Smalltalk garbageCollect.
  	unboundMethods := CompiledMethod allInstances select:[:m|
  		m methodClass isNil or: [m ~~ (m methodClass compiledMethodAt: m selector ifAbsent: nil)]].
  	unboundMethods := unboundMethods reject:[:m| m selector isDoIt].
  	unboundMethods notEmpty ifTrue:
  		[(ToolSet inspect: unboundMethods) setLabel: 'Unbound Methods'].
  	contexts := BlockContext allInstances.
  	contexts ifNotEmpty:[contexts inspect. self inform: 'There are left-over BlockContexts'].
  	(unboundMethods isEmpty and:[contexts isEmpty]) ifTrue:[
  		self inform:'Congratulations - The bootstrap is now complete.'.

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: Locale class>>migrateSystem (in category 'private') -----
- migrateSystem
- 	"Locale migrateSystem"
- 	"Do all the necessary operations to switch to the new Locale environment."
- 	LocaleChangeListeners := nil.
- 	self
- 		addLocalChangedListener: HandMorph;
- 		addLocalChangedListener: Clipboard;
- 		addLocalChangedListener: Vocabulary;
- 		addLocalChangedListener: PartsBin;
- 		addLocalChangedListener: Project;
- 		addLocalChangedListener: PaintBoxMorph;
- 		yourself!

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