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Mon Jan 11 08:13:50 UTC 2010

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of EToys to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: EToys-ul.56
Author: ul
Time: 11 January 2010, 8:15:20.763 am
UUID: 6c3bdf4a-f971-c242-be45-8fb38027a9b3
Ancestors: EToys-ar.55

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=============== Diff against EToys-ar.55 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: KedamaSequenceExecutionStub>>primGetHeadingAt:headingArray: (in category 'primitives') -----
  primGetHeadingAt: i headingArray: headingArray
  	| heading |
  	<primitive: 'getScalarHeading' module:'KedamaPlugin'>
  	"^ KedamaPlugin doPrimitive: #getScalarHeading."
  	heading := headingArray at: i.
+ 	^KedamaMorph radiansToDegrees: heading.
- 	^ heading := KedamaMorph radiansToDegrees: heading.

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: AllPlayersTool>>initializeToStandAlone (in category 'initialization') -----
  	"Initialize the receiver"
  	super initializeToStandAlone.
  	self layoutPolicy: TableLayout new;
  		listDirection: #topToBottom;
  		hResizing: #spaceFill;
  		extent: 1 at 1;
  		vResizing: #spaceFill;
+ 		rubberBandCells: true.
- 		rubberBandCells: true;
- 		yourself.
  	self initializeFor: self currentWorld presenter!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: EToyProjectHistoryMorph>>jumpToProject (in category 'as yet unclassified') -----
  	| selection |
+ 	selection := (Project current buildJumpToMenu: MenuMorph new) startUp.
- 	selection := (Project buildJumpToMenu: MenuMorph new) startUp.
  	self closeMyFlapIfAny.
+ 	Project current jumpToSelection: selection
- 	Project jumpToSelection: selection

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ScriptEditorMorph>>buttonRowForEditor (in category 'buttons') -----
  	"Answer a row of buttons that comprise the header at the top of the Scriptor"
  	| aRow aString buttonFont aStatusMorph aButton aColumn aTile |
  	buttonFont := Preferences standardButtonFont.
  	aRow := AlignmentMorph newRow color: Color transparent; layoutInset: 0.
  	aRow hResizing: #shrinkWrap.
  	aRow vResizing: #shrinkWrap.
  	self hasParameter ifFalse:
  		[aRow addMorphFront:
  			(SimpleButtonMorph new
  				label: '!!' font: Preferences standardEToysFont;
  				target: self;
  				color: Color yellow;
  				borderWidth: 0;
  				actWhen: #whilePressed;
  				actionSelector: #tryMe;
  				balloonTextSelector: #tryMe).
  		aRow addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 6 at 10].
  	self addDismissButtonTo: aRow.
  	aRow addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 6 at 1.
  	aColumn := AlignmentMorph newColumn beTransparent.
  	aColumn addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 0 at 4.
  	aButton := UpdatingThreePhaseButtonMorph checkBox.
  		target: self;
  		actionSelector: #toggleWhetherShowingTiles;
  		getSelector: #showingMethodPane.
  	aButton setBalloonText: 'toggle between showing tiles and showing textual code' translated.
  	aColumn addMorphBack: aButton.
  	aRow addMorphBack: aColumn.
  	aRow addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 6 at 10.
  	aString := playerScripted externalName.
  	aRow addMorphBack:
  		(aButton := SimpleButtonMorph new useSquareCorners label: aString font: buttonFont; target: self; setNameTo: 'title').
  	aButton actWhen: #buttonDown; actionSelector: #offerScriptorMenu.
  		on: #mouseEnter send: #menuButtonMouseEnter: to: aButton;
  		on: #mouseLeave send: #menuButtonMouseLeave: to: aButton.
  	aButton borderColor: (Color fromRgbTriplet: #(0.065 0.258 1.0)).
  	aButton color: ScriptingSystem uniformTileInteriorColor.
  	aButton balloonTextSelector: #offerScriptorMenu.
  	aRow addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 4 at 1.
  	aButton := (Preferences universalTiles ifTrue: [SyntaxUpdatingStringMorph] 
  					ifFalse: [UpdatingStringMorph]) new.
  	aButton useStringFormat;
  		target:  self;
  		getSelector: #scriptTitle;
  		setNameTo: 'script name';
  		font: ScriptingSystem fontForNameEditingInScriptor;
  		putSelector: #setScriptNameTo:;
  		setProperty: #okToTextEdit toValue: true;
+ 		step.
- 		step;
- 		yourself.
  	aRow addMorphBack: aButton.
  	aButton setBalloonText: 'Click here to edit the name of the script.' translated.
  	aRow addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 6 at 0.
  	self hasParameter
  			[aTile := TypeListTile new choices: Vocabulary typeChoices dataType: nil.
  			aTile addArrows.
  			aTile setLiteral: #Number.
  	"(aButton := SimpleButtonMorph new useSquareCorners label: 'parameter' translated font: buttonFont; target: self; setNameTo: 'parameter').
  			aButton actWhen: #buttonDown; actionSelector: #handUserParameterTile.
  			aRow addMorphBack: aTile.
  			aTile borderColor: Color red.
  			aTile color: ScriptingSystem uniformTileInteriorColor.
  			aTile setBalloonText: 'Drag from here to get a parameter tile' translated]
  			[aRow addMorphBack: (aStatusMorph := self scriptInstantiation statusControlMorph)].
  	aRow addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 6 at 1.
  	aRow addMorphBack:
  		(IconicButton new borderWidth: 0;
  			labelGraphic: (ScriptingSystem formAtKey: 'AddTest'); color: Color transparent; 
  			actWhen: #buttonDown;
  			target: self;
  			actionSelector: #addYesNoToHand;
  			balloonTextSelector: #addYesNoToHand).
  	aRow addTransparentSpacerOfSize: 12 at 10.
  	self addDestroyButtonTo: aRow.
  	(playerScripted existingScriptInstantiationForSelector: scriptName)
  			[:inst | inst updateStatusMorph: aStatusMorph].
  	^ aRow!

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