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Mon Jan 11 08:18:27 UTC 2010

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of TraitsTests to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: TraitsTests-ul.4
Author: ul
Time: 11 January 2010, 8:34:18.363 am
UUID: 23ebfbe8-af71-e041-8920-43e5424f2336
Ancestors: TraitsTests-nice.3

- fix a test

=============== Diff against TraitsTests-nice.3 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TraitTest>>testCompositionCopy (in category 'testing') -----
  	| t6compositionCopyFirst c2compositionCopy |
  	self assert: (self t1 + self t2) allTraits 
  				= (self t1 + self t2) copyTraitExpression allTraits.
  	self assert: (self t1 classTrait + self t2 classTrait) allTraits 
  				= (self t1 classTrait + self t2 classTrait) copyTraitExpression allTraits.
  	self assert: self t6 traitComposition allTraits 
  				= self t6 traitComposition copyTraitExpression allTraits.
  		assert: self t6 asTraitComposition copyTraitExpression allTraits = { (self t1). (self t2). (self t6) }.
- false ifTrue:[
  	"make no undue sharing happens of exclusions and aliases after an expression copy"
  	t6compositionCopyFirst := self t6 traitComposition copyTraitExpression.
+ 	t6compositionCopyFirst at: 1 put: #m22Alias -> #m33.
- 	t6compositionCopyFirst transformations at: 1 put: #m22Alias -> #m33.
+ 		assert: self t6 traitComposition second aliases first value 
- 		assert: self t6 traitComposition transformations second aliases first value 
  				= #m22.
  	c2compositionCopy := self c2 traitComposition copyTraitExpression.
+ 	c2compositionCopy first exclusions add: #m4.
+ 	self assert: self c2 traitComposition first exclusions = #(#m11) asSet.!
- 	c2compositionCopy transformations first exclusions at: 1 put: #m4.
- 	self c2 traitComposition transformations first exclusions = #(#m11 )
- ].!

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