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Mon Jan 18 18:38:18 UTC 2010

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of GraphicsTests to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: GraphicsTests-nice.20
Author: nice
Time: 18 January 2010, 7:38:15.455 pm
UUID: 50764066-d1f1-e84a-beff-9db25c980034
Ancestors: GraphicsTests-nice.19

move temp assignment outside block

=============== Diff against GraphicsTests-nice.19 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PNGReadWriterTest>>testPngSuite (in category 'tests - bits') -----
  	"Requires the suite from 
  	to be present as PngSuite.zip"
  	| file |
+ 	file := [FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: 'PngSuite.zip'] on: Error do:[nil].
- 	[file := FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: 'PngSuite.zip'] on: Error do:[:ex| ex return].
  	file ifNil:[^self].
  	[ | zip entries |
  	zip := ZipArchive new readFrom: file.
  	entries := zip members select:[:mbr| mbr fileName asLowercase endsWith: '.png'].
  	entries do:[:mbr| 
  		(mbr fileName asLowercase first = $x)
  			ifTrue: [self encodeAndDecodeWithError: mbr contentStream ]
  			ifFalse: [self encodeAndDecodeStream: mbr contentStream ] ].
  	] ensure:[file close].!

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