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Fri Jan 22 04:46:22 UTC 2010

Andreas Raab uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-ar.164
Author: ar
Time: 21 January 2010, 8:45:52.731 pm
UUID: b6821f78-a328-4c43-9e2d-77182e6e9b0b
Ancestors: Tools-ar.163

CodeHolder>>validateMessageSource: should parse the selector proper instead of using #findString: which causes all sorts of random warnings.

=============== Diff against Tools-ar.163 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CodeHolder>>validateMessageSource:forSelector: (in category 'message list') -----
  validateMessageSource: sourceString forSelector: aSelector
  	"Check whether there is evidence that method source is invalid"
  	| sourcesName |
+ 	(self selectedClass parserClass new parseSelector: sourceString asString) = aSelector
+ 		ifFalse: [sourcesName := FileDirectory localNameFor: SmalltalkImage current sourcesName.
- 	(self selectedClass compilerClass == Object compilerClass 
- 			and: [(sourceString asString findString: aSelector keywords first ) ~= 1])
- 		ifTrue: [sourcesName := FileDirectory localNameFor: SmalltalkImage current sourcesName.
  			self inform: 'There may be a problem with your sources file!!
  The source code for every method should (usually) start with the
  method selector but this is not the case with this method!! You may
  proceed with caution but it is recommended that you get a new source file.
  This can happen if you download the "' , sourcesName  , '" file, 
  or the ".changes" file you use, as TEXT. It must be transfered 
  in BINARY mode, even if it looks like a text file, 
  to preserve the CR line ends.
  Mac users: This may have been caused by Stuffit Expander. 
  To prevent the files above to be converted to Mac line ends 
  when they are expanded, do this: Start the program, then 
  from Preferences... in the File menu, choose the Cross 
  Platform panel, then select "Never" and press OK. 
  Then expand the compressed archive again.
  (Occasionally, the source code for a method may legitimately
  start with a non-alphabetic character -- for example, Behavior
  method #formalHeaderPartsFor:.  In such rare cases, you can
  happily disregard this warning.)'].!

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