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Wed Mar 3 00:50:31 UTC 2010

Chris Muller uploaded a new version of Morphic to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-cmm.370
Author: cmm
Time: 2 March 2010, 6:49:15.68 pm
UUID: ea745757-8733-4ec9-a9f6-aabc939b465e
Ancestors: Morphic-ar.369

Added hot-key to invoke pretty-print on a method.  It is crucial for the computer to handle mundane code-formatting, because it allows code to "flow" into the system as quickly as one can type.

The key is Shift+Command+S.  The pretty-print command also now positions the cursor at the end of the code, where there is a chance you wish to continue the method, instead of at the beginning, where there is no chance of that.

=============== Diff against Morphic-ar.369 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TextEditor>>prettyPrint: (in category 'menu messages') -----
+ prettyPrint: decorated 
- prettyPrint: decorated
  	"Reformat the contents of the receiver's view (a Browser)."
  	| selectedClass newText |
+ 	model selectedMessageName ifNil: [ ^ morph flash ].
- 	model selectedMessageName ifNil: [^ morph flash].
  	selectedClass := model selectedClassOrMetaClass.
  	newText := selectedClass compilerClass new
  		format: self text
  		in: selectedClass
  		notifying: self
  		decorated: decorated.
  	newText ifNotNil:
+ 		[ self
+ 			deselect ;
+ 			selectInvisiblyFrom: 1
+ 			to: paragraph text size.
- 		[self deselect; selectInvisiblyFrom: 1 to: paragraph text size.
  		self replaceSelectionWith: (newText asText makeSelectorBoldIn: selectedClass).
+ 		self selectAt: self text size + 1 ]!
- 		self selectAt: 1]!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: SmalltalkEditor>>invokePrettyPrint: (in category 'editing keys') -----
+ invokePrettyPrint: dummy
+ 	self prettyPrint: false.
+ 	^ true!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SmalltalkEditor class>>initializeShiftCmdKeyShortcuts (in category 'keyboard shortcut tables') -----
  	"Initialize the shift-command-key (or control-key) shortcut table."
  	"NOTE: if you don't know what your keyboard generates, use Sensor kbdTest"
  	"wod 11/3/1998: Fix setting of cmdMap for shifted keys to actually use the 
  	capitalized versions of the letters.
  	TPR 2/18/99: add the plain ascii values back in for those VMs that don't return the shifted values."
  	"SmalltalkEditor initialize"
  	| cmds |
  	super initializeShiftCmdKeyShortcuts.
  	cmds := #(
  		$a	argAdvance:
  		$b	browseItHere:
  		$e	methodStringsContainingIt:
  		$f	displayIfFalse:
  		$g	fileItIn:
  		$i	exploreIt:
  		$n	referencesToIt:
+ 		$s	invokePrettyPrint:
  		$t	displayIfTrue:
  		$v	pasteInitials:
  		$w	methodNamesContainingIt:
  	1 to: cmds size by: 2 do: [ :i |
  		shiftCmdActions at: ((cmds at: i) asciiValue + 1) put: (cmds at: i + 1).			"plain keys"
  		shiftCmdActions at: ((cmds at: i) asciiValue - 32 + 1) put: (cmds at: i + 1).		"shifted keys"
  		shiftCmdActions at: ((cmds at: i) asciiValue - 96 + 1) put: (cmds at: i + 1).		"ctrl keys"

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