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Tue Mar 23 21:24:36 UTC 2010

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of EToys to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: EToys-nice.67
Author: nice
Time: 23 March 2010, 10:23:58.072 pm
UUID: e5fd6665-79ce-4b2f-91ac-eaf108f6a462
Ancestors: EToys-ar.66

Fix underscores

=============== Diff against EToys-ar.66 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ColorType>>updatingTileForTarget:partName:getter:setter: (in category '*Etoys-tiles') -----
  updatingTileForTarget: aTarget partName: partName getter: getter setter: setter
  	"Answer, for classic tiles, an updating readout tile for a part with the receiver's type, with the given getter and setter"
  	| readout |
+ 	readout := UpdatingRectangleMorph new.
- 	readout _ UpdatingRectangleMorph new.
  		getSelector: getter;
  		target: aTarget;
  		borderWidth: 1;
  		extent:  22 at 22.
  	((aTarget isKindOf: KedamaExamplerPlayer) and: [getter = #getColor]) ifTrue: [
  		readout getSelector: #getColorOpaque.
  	(setter isNil or: [#(unused none #nil) includes: setter]) ifFalse:
  		[readout putSelector: setter].
  	^ readout

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MethodInterface>>initializeFromEToySlotSpec: (in category '*Etoys') -----
  initializeFromEToySlotSpec: tuple
  	"tuple holds an old etoy slot-item spec, of the form found in #additionsToViewerCategories methods.   Initialize the receiver to hold the same information"
  	| setter |
+ 	selector := tuple seventh.
- 	selector _ tuple seventh.
  		wording: (ScriptingSystem wordingForOperator: tuple second);
  		helpMessage: tuple third.
+ 	receiverType := #Player.
+ 	resultSpecification := ResultSpecification new.
- 	receiverType _ #Player.
- 	resultSpecification _ ResultSpecification new.
  	resultSpecification resultType: tuple fourth.
  	(#(getNewClone getTurtleAt: getTurtleOf: "seesColor: isOverColor:") includes: selector)
  			[self setNotToRefresh]  "actually should already be nil"
  			[self setToRefetch].
+ 	((tuple fifth == #readWrite) and: [((tuple size >= 9) and: [(setter := tuple at: 9) ~~ #unused])]) ifTrue:
- 	((tuple fifth == #readWrite) and: [((tuple size >= 9) and: [(setter _ tuple at: 9) ~~ #unused])]) ifTrue:
  		[resultSpecification companionSetterSelector: setter].
  "An example of an old slot-item spec:
  (slot numericValue 'A number representing the current position of the knob.' number readWrite Player getNumericValue Player setNumericValue:)
  	1	#slot
  	2	wording
  	3	balloon help
  	4	type
  	5	#readOnly or #readWrite
  	6	#Player (not used -- ignore)
  	7	getter selector
  	8	#Player (not used -- ignore)
  	9	setter selector

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