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Sat Sep 4 18:05:50 UTC 2010

Andreas Raab uploaded a new version of Network to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Network-ar.87
Author: ar
Time: 4 September 2010, 11:04:42.245 am
UUID: be2e83d6-1f4d-2246-aaf3-6d485f4f6578
Ancestors: Network-fbs.86

Do not encode incoming urls in httpRequest:... since they are assumed to be encoded already.

=============== Diff against Network-fbs.86 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: HTTPSocket class>>httpRequest:url:headers:content:response: (in category 'get the page') -----
  httpRequest: method url: urlString headers: hdrs content: contentOrNil response: responseBlock
  	"Sends an HTTP request to the server. Returns a MIMEDocument if successful,
  	a string indicating the error otherwise. If a response block is provided, the
+ 	response is fed into into so that the sender can see all the headers.
+ 	The url string is assumed to be properly escaped by the sender."
- 	response is fed into into so that the sender can see all the headers."
  	| index serverAndPort server port rawUrl stream resp code headers 
  	  contentLength contentType contentStream |
  	(urlString beginsWith: 'http://') ifFalse:[self error: 'Not a http url'].
  	"Extract server, port, and url"
  	index := urlString indexOf: $/ startingAt: 8 ifAbsent:[urlString size+1]. "past http://"
  	serverAndPort := urlString copyFrom: 8 to: index-1.
  	server := serverAndPort copyUpTo: $:.
  	port := ((serverAndPort copyAfter: $:) ifEmpty:['80']) asNumber.
  	"Prepare the request URI"
  	rawUrl := urlString copyFrom: index to: urlString size.
  	(rawUrl beginsWith: '/') ifFalse:[rawUrl := '/', rawUrl].
- 	rawUrl := rawUrl encodeForHTTPWithTextEncoding: 'utf-8' 
- 				conditionBlock: [:c | c isSafeForHTTP or:['/;&=\?' includes: c]].
  	"Check for proxy"
  	(self shouldUseProxy: server) ifTrue:[
  		self httpProxyServer ifNotEmpty:[
  			rawUrl := 'http://', serverAndPort, rawUrl. "per RFC 2616"
  			server := self httpProxyServer.
  			port := self httpProxyPort.
  	"Fire off the request"
  	stream := SocketStream openConnectionToHostNamed: server port: port.
  	stream nextPutAll: method; space; nextPutAll: rawUrl; space; nextPutAll: 'HTTP/1.0'; crlf.
  	stream nextPutAll: 'Host: ', serverAndPort; crlf.
  	stream nextPutAll: 'Connection: close'; crlf.
  	stream nextPutAll: 'User-Agent: ', self userAgentString; crlf.
  	stream nextPutAll: hdrs.
  	stream crlf.
  	contentOrNil ifNotNil:[
  		"Upload request content"
  		contentStream := contentOrNil readStream.
  		[contentStream atEnd] whileFalse:[
  			(HTTPProgress new) total: contentOrNil size; 
  				amount: contentStream position; signal: 'Uploading...'.
  			stream nextPutAll: (contentStream next: 4096).
  			stream flush.
  	stream flush.
  	"Read the response"
  	resp := stream upToAll: String crlfcrlf.
  	"Extract the response code"
  	code := ((resp copyUpTo: String cr) findTokens: ' ') second asNumber.
  	"And the response headers"
  	headers := Dictionary new.
  	resp lines allButFirst allButLast do:[:nextLine|
  		headers at: (nextLine copyUpTo: $:) asLowercase 
  			put: (nextLine copyAfter: $:) withBlanksTrimmed.
  	"Read response content"
  	contentLength := headers at: 'content-length' ifAbsent:[nil].
  	contentType := headers at: 'content-type' ifAbsent:['application/octet-stream'].
  	"Fixme - Provide HTTProgress"
  		ifNil:[contentStream := WriteStream with: stream upToEnd]
  			contentLength := contentLength asNumber.
  			contentStream := (String new: contentLength) writeStream. 
  			[contentStream position < contentLength] whileTrue:[
  				contentStream nextPutAll: 
  					(stream next: (contentLength - contentStream position min: 4096)).
  				(HTTPProgress new) total: contentLength; 
  					amount: contentStream position; signal: 'Downloading...'.
  	stream close.
  	responseBlock ifNotNil:[responseBlock value: resp].
  	^(code between: 200 and: 299) 
  		ifTrue:[MIMEDocument contentType: contentType 
  				content: contentStream contents url: urlString]
  		ifFalse:[resp asString, contentStream contents].

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