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Fri Jan 21 20:13:13 UTC 2011

Chris Muller uploaded a new version of ReleaseBuilder to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ReleaseBuilder-cmm.56
Author: cmm
Time: 21 January 2011, 2:13:07.726 pm
UUID: 89a3e5a6-9b2e-4d12-bd67-dc8608d85a68
Ancestors: ReleaseBuilder-cmm.55

Set filter for 4.2 "installable" packages in SqueakMap for the 4.2 release.

=============== Diff against ReleaseBuilder-cmm.55 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ReleaseBuilderTrunk classSide>>prepareNewBuild (in category 'scripts') -----
  prepareNewBuild "ReleaseBuilderTrunk prepareNewBuild"
  	"Prepare everything that should be done for a new image build"
  	SystemVersion setVersion.
  	MCMcmUpdater defaultUpdateURL: 'http://source.squeak.org/squeak42'.
+ 	SMLoaderPlus setDefaultFilters: (OrderedCollection with: #filterSafelyAvailable).
  		setDisplayExtent: 800 at 600 ; 
  		setBackground ;
  	"Make DependencyBrowser accessible on the open menu."
  	DependencyBrowser initialize.
  	Smalltalk cleanUp: true.
  	Undeclared removeUnreferencedKeys.
  	Smalltalk garbageCollect.
  	3 timesRepeat: 
  		[ Smalltalk garbageCollect. 
  		Symbol compactSymbolTable ]!

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