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Sun Apr 22 14:36:35 UTC 2012

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of Compiler to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Compiler-nice.229
Author: nice
Time: 22 April 2012, 4:35:27.085 pm
UUID: 1d6c6093-e2bb-4dce-92c0-3a4713132c54
Ancestors: Compiler-eem.228

Add missing initialization in Decompiler>>decompileBlock:

=============== Diff against Compiler-eem.228 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Decompiler>>decompileBlock: (in category 'public access') -----
  decompileBlock: aBlock 
  	"Decompile aBlock, returning the result as a BlockNode.  
  	Show temp names from source if available."
  	"Decompiler new decompileBlock: [3 + 4]"
  	| startpc end homeClass blockNode methodNode home |
  	(home := aBlock home) ifNil: [^ nil].
  	method := home method.
  	(homeClass := home methodClass) == #unknown ifTrue: [^ nil].
  	aBlock isClosure ifTrue:
  		[(methodNode := method decompileWithTemps)
  			ifNil: [^nil]
  			ifNotNil: [methodNode nodesDo: [:node| node pc = aBlock startpc ifTrue: [^node]]].
  		 ^self error: 'cannot find block node matching aBlock'].
  	constructor := self constructorForMethod: aBlock method.
  	self withTempNames: method methodNode tempNames.
  	self initSymbols: homeClass.
  	startpc := aBlock startpc.
  	end := aBlock endPC.
  	stack := OrderedCollection new: method frameSize.
+ 	lastJumpIfPcStack := OrderedCollection new.
  	caseExits := OrderedCollection new.
  	statements := OrderedCollection new: 20.
  	super method: method pc: startpc - 5.
  	blockNode := self blockTo: end.
  	stack isEmpty ifFalse: [self error: 'stack not empty'].
  	^blockNode statements first!

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