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Tue Jul 10 02:36:53 UTC 2012

David T. Lewis uploaded a new version of KernelTests to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: KernelTests-dtl.227
Author: dtl
Time: 9 July 2012, 10:36:20.756 pm
UUID: 24287063-d5f2-4af5-ba04-c23fb2c4f5c5
Ancestors: KernelTests-nice.226

Patch by JohnReed Maffeo for Mantis 7693: DateAndTime readFrom: does not recognize $Z as a valid timezone designator. 


Change Set:		DateAndTime
Date:			9 July 2012
Author:			jrm

Method readFrom: in Class DateAndTime modified to interpret $Z as a valid time zone designator. Associated test modified to verify the new behavior.

=============== Diff against KernelTests-nice.226 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: DateAndTimeTest>>testFromString (in category 'Tests') -----
+ 	| fromString fromStringNoOffset fromStringUTC |
- 	| fromString fromStringNoOffset |
  	fromString := DateAndTime fromString: '-1199-01-05T20:33:14.321-05:00'.
  	self assert: (fromString printString = '-1199-01-05T20:33:14.321-05:00').
  	"if no offset is provided, the local offset should be used"
  	fromStringNoOffset := DateAndTime fromString: '-1199-01-05T20:33:14.321'.
+ 	self assert: (fromStringNoOffset offset = DateAndTime localOffset).
+ 	"if a string contains the UTC designator Z, the local offset should not be used"
+ 	fromStringUTC := DateAndTime fromString: '2011-08-26T18:00:03Z'.
+ 	self assert: (fromStringUTC printString = '2011-08-26T18:00:03+00:00').!
- 	self assert: (fromStringNoOffset offset = DateAndTime localOffset).!

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