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Sat Jul 14 09:34:05 UTC 2012

Alexander Lazarević uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-laza.489
Author: laza
Time: 14 July 2012, 11:32:49.813 am
UUID: 0bd2f68e-dc17-478d-b73b-b1b94c2583ac
Ancestors: System-bf.488

Removed/Changed some of the expressions, that do not work anymore. Closing 7688

=============== Diff against System-bf.488 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Utilities class>>standardWorkspaceContents (in category 'support windows') -----
  	^ self class firstCommentAt: #standardWorkspaceContents
+ 	"ChangeList browseRecentLog.
- 	"Smalltalk recover: 10000.
- ChangeList browseRecentLog.
  ChangeList browseRecent: 2000.
  Preferences editAnnotations.
  Flaps reinstateDefaultFlaps. 
- Preferences resetCategoryInfo
  (FileStream oldFileNamed: 'Lives of the Wolves') edit.
+ (FileStream oldFileNamed: 'tuesdayFixes.cs') fileIn.
+ ChangeList browseFile: 'myChanges.st'.
- (FileStream oldFileNamed: 'tuesdayFixes.cs') fileIn
- ChangeList browseFile: 'myChanges.st'
+ TextStyle default fontAt: 7 put: (StrikeFont new readMacFontHex: 'Cairo 18').
- TextStyle default fontAt: 7 put: (StrikeFont new readMacFontHex: 'Cairo 18')
+ StandardSystemView doCacheBits.  ""restore fast windows mode in mvc""
- StandardSystemView browseAllAccessesTo: 'maximumSize'.
- StandardSystemView doCacheBits  ""restore fast windows mode in mvc""
  Symbol selectorsContaining: 'rsCon'.
+ SystemNavigation default browseMethodsWhoseNamesContain: 'screen'.
- Smalltalk browseMethodsWhoseNamesContain: 'screen'.
  Browser newOnClass: Utilities.
  Browser fullOnClass: SystemDictionary.
  FormView allInstances inspect.
  StandardSystemView someInstance inspect.
+ Utilities storeTextWindowContentsToFileNamed: 'TextWindows'.
- Utilities storeTextWindowContentsToFileNamed: 'TextWindows'
- Utilities reconstructTextWindowsFromFileNamed: 'TextWindows'
  ScriptingSystem resetStandardPartsBin.
- ScheduledControllers screenController openMorphicConstructionWorld.
- ScheduledControllers screenController openMorphicWorld.
  SystemOrganization categoryOfElement: #Controller. 
  ParagraphEditor organization categoryOfElement: #changeEmphasis.
  Cursor wait showWhile: [Sensor waitButton].
  Smalltalk bytesLeft asStringWithCommas.
+ ByteSymbol instanceCount.
- Symbol instanceCount. 
  Time millisecondsToRun:
  	[SystemNavigation default allCallsOn: #asOop].
  MessageTally spyOn: [SystemNavigation default allCallsOn: #asOop].
  "Utilities openStandardWorkspace"!

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