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Thu Jul 26 09:27:22 UTC 2012

Frank Shearar uploaded a new version of Tools to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Tools-fbs.420
Author: fbs
Time: 26 July 2012, 10:26:12.798 am
UUID: af3c34d8-9588-47f3-84c2-3dac8ae85862
Ancestors: Tools-fbs.419, Tools-ael.394

fix to invocation of file-specific "services" from contents pane of a FileList

=============== Diff against Tools-fbs.419 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FileList>>fileContentsMenu:shifted: (in category 'file list menu') -----
  fileContentsMenu: aMenu shifted: shifted
  	"Construct aMenu to have items appropriate for the file browser's code pane, given the shift state provided"
  	| services maybeLine extraLines |
  	shifted ifTrue:
  		[^ aMenu addList: StringHolder shiftedYellowButtonMenuItems].
  	fileName ifNotNil:
  		[services := OrderedCollection new.
  		(#(briefHex briefFile needToGetBriefHex needToGetBrief) includes: brevityState) ifTrue:
  			[services add: self serviceGet].
  		(#(fullHex briefHex needToGetFullHex needToGetBriefHex) includes: brevityState) ifFalse:
  			[services add: self serviceGetHex].
  		(#(needToGetShiftJIS needToGetEUCJP needToGetCNGB needToGetEUCKR needToGetUTF8) includes: brevityState) ifFalse:
  			[services add: self serviceGetEncodedText].
  		maybeLine := services size.
  		(FileStream sourceFileSuffixes includes: self suffixOfSelectedFile) ifTrue:
  			[services addAll:
  				(self servicesFromSelectorSpecs:
  					#(fileIntoNewChangeSet: fileIn: browseChangesFile: browseFile:))].
  		extraLines := OrderedCollection new.
  		maybeLine > 0 ifTrue: [extraLines add: maybeLine].
  		services size > maybeLine ifTrue: [extraLines add: services size].
  			addServices: services
+ 			for: self
- 			for: self fullName
  			extraLines: extraLines].
  	aMenu addList: {
  			{'find...(f)' translated.		#find}.
  			{'find again (g)' translated.		#findAgain}.
  			{'set search string (h)' translated.	#setSearchString}.
  			{'do again (j)' translated.		#again}.
  			{'undo (z)' translated.			#undo}.
  			{'copy (c)' translated.			#copySelection}.
  			{'cut (x)' translated.			#cut}.
  			{'paste (v)' translated.		#paste}.
  			{'paste...' translated.			#pasteRecent}.
  			{'do it (d)' translated.		#doIt}.
  			{'print it (p)' translated.		#printIt}.
  			{'inspect it (i)' translated.		#inspectIt}.
  			{'fileIn selection (G)' translated.	#fileItIn}.
  			{'accept (s)' translated.		#accept}.
  			{'cancel (l)' translated.		#cancel}.
  			{'more...' translated.			#shiftedYellowButtonActivity}}.
  	^ aMenu

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