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Fri Apr 12 22:53:31 UTC 2013

Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-bf.523
Author: bf
Time: 12 April 2013, 3:52:16.438 pm
UUID: dc4e12e5-63ce-46e1-9bc8-597f40a75143
Ancestors: System-bf.522

Fix an "interesting" bug where project loading changed the identity hash of classes already in the system. That is an unexpected side-effect of becomeForward: (which I thought did not modify the object).

=============== Diff against System-bf.522 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ImageSegment>>comeFullyUpOnReload: (in category 'fileIn/Out') -----
  comeFullyUpOnReload: smartRefStream
  	"fix up the objects in the segment that changed size.  An object in the segment is the wrong size for the modern version of the class. Construct a fake class that is the old size.  Replace the modern class with the old one in outPointers.  Load the segment. Traverse the instances, making new instances by copying fields, and running conversion messages.  Keep the new instances.  Bulk forward become the old to the new.  Let go of the fake objects and classes.
  	After the install (below), arrayOfRoots is filled in. Globalize new classes.  Caller may want to do some special install on certain objects in arrayOfRoots.
  	May want to write the segment out to disk in its new form."
  	| mapFakeClassesToReal ccFixups receiverClasses rootsToUnhiberhate myProject forgetDoItsClasses |
  	forgetDoItsClasses := Set new.
  	RecentlyRenamedClasses := nil.		"in case old data hanging around"
  	mapFakeClassesToReal := smartRefStream reshapedClassesIn: outPointers.
  		"Dictionary of just the ones that change shape. Substitute them in outPointers."
  	ccFixups := self remapCompactClasses: mapFakeClassesToReal
  				refStrm: smartRefStream.
  	ccFixups ifFalse: [^ self error: 'A class in the file is not compatible'].
  	endMarker := segment nextObject. 	"for enumeration of objects"
  	endMarker == 0 ifTrue: [endMarker := 'End' clone].
  	self fixCapitalizationOfSymbols.
  	arrayOfRoots := self loadSegmentFrom: segment outPointers: outPointers.
  		"Can't use install.  Not ready for rehashSets"
  	mapFakeClassesToReal isEmpty ifFalse: [
  		self reshapeClasses: mapFakeClassesToReal refStream: smartRefStream
  	"When a Project is stored, arrayOfRoots has all objects in the project, except those in outPointers"
  	arrayOfRoots do: [:importedObject | | existing |
  		((importedObject isMemberOf: WideString) or: [importedObject isMemberOf: WideSymbol]) ifTrue: [
  			importedObject mutateJISX0208StringToUnicode.
  			importedObject class = WideSymbol ifTrue: [
  				"self halt."
  				Symbol hasInterned: importedObject asString ifTrue: [:multiSymbol |
  					multiSymbol == importedObject ifFalse: [
  						importedObject becomeForward: multiSymbol.
  		(importedObject isKindOf: TTCFontSet) ifTrue: [
  			existing := TTCFontSet familyName: importedObject familyName
  						pointSize: importedObject pointSize.	"supplies default"
  			existing == importedObject ifFalse: [importedObject becomeForward: existing].
  	"Smalltalk garbageCollect.   MultiSymbol rehash.  These take time and are not urgent, so don't to them.  In the normal case, no bad MultiSymbols will be found."
  	receiverClasses := self restoreEndianness.		"rehash sets"
  	smartRefStream checkFatalReshape: receiverClasses.
  	"Classes in this segment."
  	arrayOfRoots do: [:importedObject |
  		importedObject class class == Metaclass ifTrue: [
  			forgetDoItsClasses add: importedObject.
  			self declare: importedObject]].
  	arrayOfRoots do: [:importedObject |
  		(importedObject isKindOf: CompiledMethod) ifTrue: [
  			importedObject sourcePointer > 0 ifTrue: [importedObject zapSourcePointer]].
  		(importedObject isKindOf: Project) ifTrue: [
  			myProject := importedObject.
  			importedObject ensureChangeSetNameUnique.
  			Project addingProject: importedObject.
  			importedObject restoreReferences.
  			self dependentsRestore: importedObject]].
  	rootsToUnhiberhate := arrayOfRoots select: [:importedObject |
  		importedObject respondsTo: #unhibernate
  	"ScriptEditors and ViewerFlapTabs"
  	myProject ifNotNil: [
  		myProject world setProperty: #thingsToUnhibernate toValue: rootsToUnhiberhate asArray.
  	mapFakeClassesToReal isEmpty ifFalse: [
  		mapFakeClassesToReal keysAndValuesDo: [:aFake :aReal |
  			aFake indexIfCompact > 0 ifTrue: [aFake becomeUncompact].
  			aFake removeFromSystemUnlogged.
+ 			"do not assign the fake's hash to the real class"
+ 			aFake becomeForward: aReal copyHash: false].
- 			aFake becomeForward: aReal].
  		SystemOrganization removeEmptyCategories].
  	forgetDoItsClasses do: [:c | c forgetDoIts].
  	"^ self"

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