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Thu Apr 18 10:15:48 UTC 2013

Frank Shearar uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-fbs.524
Author: fbs
Time: 17 April 2013, 9:04:33.699 pm
UUID: 189f6552-b3d7-4186-ba88-4a55fabe6315
Ancestors: System-bf.523

Driving lots of stuff out into #cleanUp. Comments mark things known to be part of "aggressive cleanup".

=============== Diff against System-bf.523 ===============

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: Preferences class>>cleanUp (in category 'initialize-release') -----
+ cleanUp
+ 	self removeObsolete.!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SmalltalkImage>>unloadAllKnownPackages (in category 'shrinking') -----
  	"Unload all packages we know how to unload and reload"
  	"Prepare unloading"
  	Smalltalk zapMVCprojects.
  	Flaps disableGlobalFlaps: false.
  	StandardScriptingSystem removeUnreferencedPlayers.
  	Project removeAllButCurrent.
  	#('Morphic-UserObjects' 'EToy-UserObjects' 'Morphic-Imported' )
  		do: [:each | SystemOrganization removeSystemCategory: each].
  	Smalltalk at: #ServiceRegistry ifPresent:[:aClass|
  		SystemChangeNotifier uniqueInstance
  			noMoreNotificationsFor: aClass.
  	World removeAllMorphs.
  	"Go unloading"
  	#(	'ReleaseBuilder' 'ScriptLoader'
  		'311Deprecated' '39Deprecated'
  		'Universes' 'SMLoader' 'SMBase' 'Installer-Core'
  		'VersionNumberTests' 'VersionNumber'
  		'Services-Base' 'PreferenceBrowser' 'Nebraska'
  		'ToolBuilder-MVC' 'ST80'
  		'CollectionsTests' 'GraphicsTests' 'KernelTests'  'MorphicTests' 
  		'MultilingualTests' 'NetworkTests' 'ToolsTests' 'TraitsTests'
  		'SystemChangeNotification-Tests' 'FlexibleVocabularies' 
  		'EToys' 'Protocols' 'XML-Parser' 'Tests' 'SUnitGUI'
  		'Help-Squeak' 'HelpSystem' 'SystemReporter'
  	) do: [:pkgName| 
  			(MCPackage named: pkgName) unload.
  			MCMcmUpdater disableUpdatesOfPackage: pkgName.
  	"Traits use custom unload"
  	Smalltalk at: #Trait ifPresent:[:aClass| aClass unloadTraits].
  	"Post-unload cleanup"
+ 	SmalltalkImage cleanUp.
+ 	MCWorkingCopy flushObsoletePackageInfos. "aggressive cleanUp"
- 	MCWorkingCopy flushObsoletePackageInfos.
  	SystemOrganization removeSystemCategory: 'UserObjects'.
  	Presenter defaultPresenterClass: nil.
  	World dumpPresenter.
  	ScheduledControllers := nil.
  	Preferences removePreference: #allowEtoyUserCustomEvents.
  	SystemOrganization removeEmptyCategories.
+ 	StandardScriptingSystem initialize. "aggressive cleanUp"
  	ChangeSet removeChangeSetsNamedSuchThat:[:cs | (cs == ChangeSet current) not].
- 	globals undeclared removeUnreferencedKeys.
- 	StandardScriptingSystem initialize.
- 	MCFileBasedRepository flushAllCaches.
- 	MCDefinition clearInstances.
- 	Behavior flushObsoleteSubclasses.
  	ChangeSet current clear.
  	ChangeSet current name: 'Unnamed1'.
- 	Smalltalk flushClassNameCache.
  	Smalltalk at: #Browser ifPresent:[:br| br initialize].
  	DebuggerMethodMap voidMapCache.
  	DataStream initialize.
- 	AppRegistry removeObsolete.
- 	FileServices removeObsolete.
- 	Preferences removeObsolete.
- 	TheWorldMenu removeObsolete.
  	Smalltalk garbageCollect.
- 	Symbol compactSymbolTable.
- 	TheWorldMainDockingBar updateInstances.
  	MorphicProject defaultFill: (Color gray: 0.9).
  	World color: (Color gray: 0.9).

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