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Mon Apr 29 11:14:19 UTC 2013

Frank Shearar uploaded a new version of Installer-Core to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Installer-Core-fbs.366
Author: fbs
Time: 29 April 2013, 12:13:46.368 pm
UUID: a93fa0fc-2a93-405a-86df-7aa334ee214b
Ancestors: Installer-Core-fbs.365

versionNames is a Set nowadays, but we want to sort it. Hence, convert to an Array.

=============== Diff against Installer-Core-fbs.365 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: InstallerMonticello>>mcThing (in category 'monticello') -----
  	| loader |
  	loader := self classMCVersionLoader new.
  	"several attempts to read files - repository readableFileNames
  	sometimes fails"
  	self packages
  		do: [:pkg | 
  			| versionNames fileToLoad version |
  			versionNames := mc versionNamesForPackageNamed:
  				(pkg asMCVersionName versionNumber = 0 
  					ifTrue: [ "Just a package name specified, use it whole." pkg ] 
  					ifFalse: [pkg asMCVersionName packageName]).
+ 			versionNames asArray sort: self mcSortFileBlock.
- 			versionNames sort: self mcSortFileBlock.
  			fileToLoad := versionNames
  						detect: (self mcDetectFileBlock: pkg)
  						ifNone: [ nil ].
  				ifNotNil: [version := mc versionNamed: fileToLoad.
  					(version isKindOf: MCConfiguration)
  						ifTrue: [^ version]
  						ifFalse: [self normalizedRepositories do: [:repo |
  								MCRepositoryGroup default addRepository: repo].
  							self normalizedRepositories do: [:repo |
  								version workingCopy repositoryGroup addRepository: repo].
  							loader addVersion: version].
  					self logCR: ' found ' , version fileName , '...']].
  	^ loader!

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