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Sun Dec 29 18:46:36 UTC 2013

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of ST80 to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ST80-ul.169
Author: ul
Time: 29 December 2013, 7:25:22.052 pm
UUID: 5bf0c4a1-3cac-4788-bf0e-1ddfa9d770b9
Ancestors: ST80-nice.168

MVCUIManager DNU #restore

=============== Diff against ST80-nice.168 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MVCUIManager>>restoreDisplayAfter: (in category 'display') -----
  restoreDisplayAfter: aBlock
  	"Evaluate the block, wait for a mouse click, and then restore the screen."
  	aBlock value.
  	Sensor waitButton.
+ 	self restoreDisplay!
- 	self restore.!

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