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Sun Oct 13 21:01:12 UTC 2013

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of ST80 to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ST80-nice.162
Author: nice
Time: 13 October 2013, 11:00:39.895 pm
UUID: 3dd7c0fa-77fd-4d98-aeae-a874a9e80af3
Ancestors: ST80-nice.161

Correct baseline bug in DisplayScanner loop: setStopCondition will change destY and must precede lastPos:=destX at destY.

=============== Diff against ST80-nice.161 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: BitBltDisplayScanner>>displayLines:in:clippedBy: (in category '*ST80-Support') -----
  displayLines: linesInterval in: aParagraph clippedBy: visibleRectangle
  	"The central display routine. The call on the primitive 
  	(scanCharactersFrom:to:in:rightX:) will be interrupted according to an 
  	array of stop conditions passed to the scanner at which time the code to 
  	handle the stop condition is run and the call on the primitive continued 
  	until a stop condition returns true (which means the line has 
  	| leftInRun |
  	"leftInRun is the # of characters left to scan in the current run;
  		when 0, it is time to call 'self setStopConditions'"
  	morphicOffset := 0 at 0.
  	leftInRun := 0.
  	self initializeFromParagraph: aParagraph clippedBy: visibleRectangle.
  	ignoreColorChanges := false.
+ 	foregroundColor := defaultTextColor := aParagraph foregroundColor.
- 	foregroundColor := defaultTextColor := paragraphColor := aParagraph foregroundColor.
  	backgroundColor := aParagraph backgroundColor.
  	aParagraph backgroundColor isTransparent
  		ifTrue: [fillBlt := nil]
  		ifFalse: [fillBlt := bitBlt copy.  "Blt to fill spaces, tabs, margins"
  				fillBlt sourceForm: nil; sourceOrigin: 0 at 0.
  				fillBlt fillColor: aParagraph backgroundColor].
  	rightMargin := aParagraph rightMarginForDisplay.
  	lineY := aParagraph topAtLineIndex: linesInterval first.
  	bitBlt destForm deferUpdatesIn: visibleRectangle while: [
  		linesInterval do: 
  			[:lineIndex | 
  			| string startIndex lastPos runLength stopCondition baselineY lineHeight stop |
  			line := aParagraph lines at: lineIndex.
  			lastDisplayableIndex := lastIndex := line first.
  			leftInRun <= 0
  				ifTrue: [self setStopConditions.  "also sets the font, alignment and emphasisCode"
  						leftInRun := text runLengthFor: line first].
  			leftMargin := aParagraph leftMarginForDisplayForLine: lineIndex alignment: alignment.
  			destX := leftMargin.
  			lineHeight := line lineHeight.
  			fillBlt == nil ifFalse:
  				[fillBlt destX: visibleRectangle left destY: lineY
  					width: visibleRectangle width height: lineHeight; copyBits].
  			baselineY := lineY + line baseline.
  			destY := baselineY - font ascent.  "Should have happened in setFont"
  			runLength := leftInRun.
  			runStopIndex := lastIndex + (runLength - 1) min: line last.
  			leftInRun := leftInRun - (runStopIndex - lastIndex + 1).
  			spaceCount := 0.
  			string := text string.
  			self handleIndentation.
- 				startIndex := lastIndex.
- 				lastPos := destX at destY.
  				"Reset the stopping conditions of this displaying loop, and also the font."
  					ifTrue:[self setStopConditions].
+ 				startIndex := lastIndex.
+ 				lastPos := destX at destY.
  				stopCondition := self scanCharactersFrom: lastIndex to: runStopIndex
  							in: string rightX: rightMargin stopConditions: stopConditions
  							kern: kern.
  				stop := self perform: stopCondition.
  				lastDisplayableIndex >= startIndex ifTrue:[
  					font displayString: string on: bitBlt 
  						from: startIndex to: lastDisplayableIndex at: lastPos kern: kern].
  			] whileFalse.
  			fillBlt == nil ifFalse:
  				[fillBlt destX: destX destY: lineY width: visibleRectangle right-destX height: lineHeight; copyBits].
  			lineY := lineY + lineHeight]]!

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