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Thu Sep 5 21:58:34 UTC 2013

Chris Muller uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-cmm.589
Author: cmm
Time: 5 September 2013, 4:57:36.276 pm
UUID: f6746b55-2544-48d3-90a3-eac0668387a0
Ancestors: System-cmm.588

Make Nicolas happy.

=============== Diff against System-cmm.588 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SystemNavigation>>browseAllStoresInto:from: (in category 'browse') -----
+ browseAllStoresInto: varName from: aClass 
- browseAllStoresInto: varName from: aClass
  	"Create and schedule a Message Set browser for all the receiver's methods 
  	or any methods of a subclass/superclass that refer to the instance variable name."
  	"self new browseAllStoresInto: 'contents' from: Collection."
  	^ self
+ 		browseMessageList:
+ 			(self
+ 				allStoresInto: varName
+ 				from: aClass) ,
+ 					((aClass allClassVarNames includes: varName)
+ 						ifTrue:
+ 							[ self
+ 								allStoresInto: varName
+ 								from: aClass class ]
+ 						ifFalse: [ Array empty ])
- 		browseMessageList: (self allStoresInto: varName from: aClass), (self allStoresInto: varName from: aClass class)
  		name: 'Stores into ' , varName
  		autoSelect: varName!

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