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Sun Sep 29 14:36:13 UTC 2013

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of ST80 to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ST80-nice.151
Author: nice
Time: 29 September 2013, 4:35:30.085 pm
UUID: bdd314c3-0f95-4519-82f0-dfc85b76d4a7
Ancestors: ST80-nice.150

Start using the CharacterScanner hierarchy instead of the Multi one.

=============== Diff against ST80-nice.150 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Paragraph>>composeAll (in category 'composition') -----
  	"Compose a collection of characters into a collection of lines."
  	| startIndex stopIndex lineIndex maximumRightX compositionScanner |
  	lines := Array new: 32.
  	lastLine := 0.
  	maximumRightX := 0.
  	text size = 0
  			[compositionRectangle := compositionRectangle withHeight: 0.
  	startIndex := lineIndex := 1.
  	stopIndex := text size.
+ 	compositionScanner := CompositionScanner new forParagraph: self.
- 	compositionScanner := MultiCompositionScanner new forParagraph: self.
  	[startIndex > stopIndex] whileFalse: 
  		[self lineAt: lineIndex 
  				put: (compositionScanner composeLine: lineIndex 
  										fromCharacterIndex: startIndex 
  										inParagraph: self).
  		 maximumRightX := compositionScanner rightX max: maximumRightX.
  		 startIndex := (lines at: lineIndex) last + 1.
  		 lineIndex := lineIndex + 1].
  	self updateCompositionHeight.
  	self trimLinesTo: lineIndex - 1.
  	^ maximumRightX!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Paragraph>>displayLines:affectedRectangle: (in category 'private') -----
  displayLines: linesInterval affectedRectangle: affectedRectangle
  	"This is the first level workhorse in the display portion of the TextForm routines.
  	It checks to see which lines in the interval are actually visible, has the
  	CharacterScanner display only those, clears out the areas in which display will
  	occur, and clears any space remaining in the visibleRectangle following the space
  	occupied by lastLine."
+ 	| topY firstLineIndex lastLineIndex lastLineIndexBottom |
- 	| lineGrid topY firstLineIndex lastLineIndex lastLineIndexBottom |
  	"Save some time by only displaying visible lines"
  	firstLineIndex := self lineIndexOfTop: affectedRectangle top.
  	firstLineIndex < linesInterval first ifTrue: [firstLineIndex := linesInterval first].
  	lastLineIndex := self lineIndexOfTop: affectedRectangle bottom - 1.
  	lastLineIndex > linesInterval last ifTrue:
  			[linesInterval last > lastLine
  		 		ifTrue: [lastLineIndex := lastLine]
  		  		ifFalse: [lastLineIndex := linesInterval last]].
  	lastLineIndexBottom := (self bottomAtLineIndex: lastLineIndex).
  		origin: affectedRectangle left @ (topY := self topAtLineIndex: firstLineIndex) 
  		corner: affectedRectangle right @ lastLineIndexBottom)
  	  intersects: affectedRectangle)
  		ifTrue: [ " . . . (skip to clear-below if no lines displayed)"
+ 				DisplayScanner new
- 				MultiDisplayScanner new
  					displayLines: (firstLineIndex to: lastLineIndex)
  					in: self clippedBy: affectedRectangle].
  	lastLineIndex = lastLine ifTrue: 
  		 [destinationForm  "Clear out white space below last line"
  		 	fill: (affectedRectangle left @ (lastLineIndexBottom max: affectedRectangle top)
  				corner: affectedRectangle bottomRight)
  		 	rule: rule fillColor: self backgroundColor]!

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