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Mon Mar 9 01:44:46 UTC 2015

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of Collections to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Collections-ul.604
Author: ul
Time: 9 March 2015, 2:44:00.566 am
UUID: ddf1747a-03bc-4cc1-bb21-a76ff64052df
Ancestors: Collections-eem.603

Reverted the previous workaround for the class comment saving bug, because it's enough to flush the changes file after saving the class comment. See Kerneul-ul.910 for the actual fix.

=============== Diff against Collections-eem.603 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: WriteStream>>nextChunkPut: (in category 'fileIn/Out') -----
  nextChunkPut: aString
  	"Append the argument, aString, to the receiver, doubling embedded terminators."
  	| i remainder terminator |
  	terminator := $!!.
  	remainder := aString.
  	[(i := remainder indexOf: terminator) = 0] whileFalse:
  		[self nextPutAll: (remainder copyFrom: 1 to: i).
  		self nextPut: terminator.  "double imbedded terminators"
  		remainder := remainder copyFrom: i+1 to: remainder size].
  	self nextPutAll: remainder.
  	aString includesUnifiedCharacter ifTrue: [
  		self nextPut: terminator.
  		self nextPutAll: ']lang['.
  		aString writeLeadingCharRunsOn: self.
  	self nextPut: terminator.
- 	self flush. "workaround for clib runtime bug on some platforms, affecting initial class comment creation"

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