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Fri Sep 11 22:00:28 UTC 2015

Chris Muller uploaded a new version of EToys to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: EToys-cmm.131
Author: cmm
Time: 11 September 2015, 4:59:34.968 pm
UUID: 94d94c4d-c84a-4e56-9697-3b550241e7f6
Ancestors: EToys-eem.130

Fix some preference accessing due to the recent change to Preferences class>>#doesNotUnderstand:.

=============== Diff against EToys-eem.130 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Morph class>>additionsToViewerCategoryUserEvents (in category '*eToys-customevents-user events') -----
  	"Answer further viewer additions relating to user-defined events; these appear in the 'scripting' category"
+ 	^ (Preferences valueOfFlag: #allowEtoyUserCustomEvents)
- 	^ Preferences allowEtoyUserCustomEvents
  		ifTrue: [ #(scripting (
  			(command triggerCustomEvent: 'trigger a user-defined (global) event' CustomEvents)
  			(slot triggeringObject 'the object that is triggering an event, either user-defined or pre-defined' Player readOnly Player getTriggeringObject unused unused)))]
  		ifFalse: [#(scripting ())]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Morph>>enforceTileColorPolicy (in category '*Etoys-support') -----
+ 	(Preferences valueOfFlag: #coloredTilesEnabled)
- 	Preferences coloredTilesEnabled
  			[self makeAllTilesColored]
  			[self makeAllTilesGreen]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Player>>getAllowEtoyUserCustomEvents (in category 'slot getters/setters') -----
  	"Answer whether to use the vector vocabulary."
+ 	^ Preferences valueOfFlag: #allowEtoyUserCustomEvents!
- 	^ Preferences allowEtoyUserCustomEvents!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: ScriptInstantiation>>presentScriptStatusPopUp (in category 'customevents-status control') -----
  	"Put up a menu of status alternatives and carry out the request"
  	| reply  m menu submenu |
  	menu := MenuMorph new.
  	self addStatusChoices: #( normal " -- run when called" ) toMenu: menu.
  	self addStatusChoices: 
  		#(	paused 		"ready to run all the time"
  			ticking			"run all the time" )
  		toMenu: menu.
  	self addStatusChoices: (ScriptingSystem standardEventStati copyFrom: 1 to: 3) toMenu: menu.
  	self addStatusChoices: (ScriptingSystem standardEventStati allButFirst: 3) toMenu: menu.
  	self addStatusChoices: 
  		#(opening			"when I am being opened"
  			closing			"when I am being closed" )
  		toMenu: menu.
  	submenu := MenuMorph new.
  	self addStatusChoices: (ScriptingSystem globalCustomEventNamesFor: player) toSubMenu: submenu forMenu: menu.
  	menu add: 'more... ' translated subMenu: submenu.
+ 	(Preferences valueOfFlag: #allowEtoyUserCustomEvents) ifTrue: [
- 	(Preferences allowEtoyUserCustomEvents) ifTrue: [
  		submenu addLine.
  		self addStatusChoices: ScriptingSystem userCustomEventNames toSubMenu: submenu forMenu: menu.
  		submenu addLine.
  		self addStatusChoices:
  			(Array streamContents: [ :s | s nextPut: { 'define a new custom event'. #defineNewEvent }.
  			ScriptingSystem userCustomEventNames isEmpty
  				ifFalse: [ s nextPut: { 'delete a custom event'. #deleteCustomEvent } ]])
  			toSubMenu: submenu forMenu: menu ].
  	menu addLine.
  	self addStatusChoices: #(
  		('what do these mean?'explainStatusAlternatives)
  		('apply my status to all siblings' assignStatusToAllSiblings) ) toMenu: menu.
  	menu addTitle: 'When should this script run?' translated.
  	menu submorphs last delete.
  	menu invokeModal.
  	reply := menu modalSelection.
  	reply == #explainStatusAlternatives ifTrue: [^ self explainStatusAlternatives].
  	reply == #assignStatusToAllSiblings ifTrue: [^ self assignStatusToAllSiblings].
  	reply == #defineNewEvent ifTrue: [ ^self defineNewEvent ].
  	reply == #deleteCustomEvent ifTrue: [ ^self deleteCustomEvent ].
  	reply ifNotNil: 
  		[self status: reply.  "Gets event handlers fixed up"
  		reply == #paused ifTrue:
  			[m := player costume.
  			(m isKindOf: SpeakerMorph) ifTrue: [m stopSound]].
  		self updateAllStatusMorphs]

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: StandardScriptingSystem>>statusHelpStringFor: (in category '*Etoys-customevents-help dictionary') -----
  statusHelpStringFor: aPlayer
  	^String streamContents: [ :stream |
  		stream nextPutAll: 'normal -- run when called
  paused -- ready to run all the time
  ticking -- run all the time
  mouseDown -- run when mouse goes down on me
  mouseStillDown -- while mouse still down
  mouseUp -- when mouse comes back up
  mouseEnter -- when mouse enters my bounds, button up
  mouseLeave -- when mouse exits my bounds, button up
  mouseEnterDragging -- when mouse enters my bounds, button down
  mouseLeaveDragging -- when mouse exits my bounds, button down
  opening -- when I am being opened
  closing -- when I am being closed' translated.
  "'keyStroke -- run when user hits a key' "
  	stream cr; cr; nextPutAll: 'More events:' translated; cr.
  	(self customEventNamesAndHelpStringsFor: aPlayer) do: [ :array |
  		stream cr;
  		nextPutAll: array first;
  		nextPutAll: ' -- '.
  		array second do: [ :help | stream nextPutAll: help translated ]
  			separatedBy: [ stream nextPutAll: ' or ' translated ]].
+ 	(Preferences valueOfFlag: #allowEtoyUserCustomEvents) ifTrue: [
- 	(Preferences allowEtoyUserCustomEvents) ifTrue: [
  	self userCustomEventNames isEmpty ifFalse: [
  		stream cr; cr; nextPutAll: 'User custom events:' translated; cr.
  		self currentWorld userCustomEventsRegistry keysAndValuesDo: [ :key :value |
  			stream cr; nextPutAll: key; nextPutAll: ' -- '; nextPutAll: value ]]]]!

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