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Mon Feb 27 01:21:10 UTC 2017

Levente Uzonyi uploaded a new version of MorphicExtras to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: MorphicExtras-ul.202
Author: ul
Time: 27 February 2017, 2:20:59.716292 am
UUID: 5f9ce28c-9742-4cf9-9907-b516125debb8
Ancestors: MorphicExtras-cmm.201

- omit ifAbsent from #index* sends when the default value, 0 would used

=============== Diff against MorphicExtras-cmm.201 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: BookMorph>>pageNumberOf: (in category 'accessing') -----
  pageNumberOf: aMorph
  	"Modified so that if the page IS in memory, other pages don't have to be brought in.  (This method may wrongly say a page is not here if pages has a tombstone (MorphObjectOut) and that tombstone would resolve to an object already in this image.  This is an unlikely case, and callers just have to tolerate it.)"
+ 	^ pages identityIndexOf: aMorph
- 	^ pages identityIndexOf: aMorph ifAbsent: [0]

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CommandHistory>>historyIndexOfLastCommand (in category 'command history') -----
  	"Answer which position of the CommandHistory list is occupied by the LastCommand"
+ 	^ history indexOf: lastCommand!
- 	^ history indexOf: lastCommand ifAbsent: [0]!

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