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Sat Jun 10 15:59:42 UTC 2017

Nicolas Cellier uploaded a new version of ToolBuilder-Morphic to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ToolBuilder-Morphic-nice.195
Author: nice
Time: 10 June 2017, 5:59:37.517672 pm
UUID: 73e96169-edde-48e6-9b31-65a62ae9c88f
Ancestors: ToolBuilder-Morphic-pre.194

Massively replace ifNotNilDo: by ifNotNil:
We don't need two different selectors to do a single thing.

=============== Diff against ToolBuilder-Morphic-pre.194 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MorphicToolBuilder>>buildPluggableButton: (in category 'widgets required') -----
  buildPluggableButton: aSpec
  	| widget label state action enabled |
  	label := aSpec label.
  	state := aSpec state.
  	action := aSpec action.
  	widget := self buttonClass on: aSpec model
  				getState: (state isSymbol ifTrue:[state])
  				action: nil
  				label: (label isSymbol ifTrue:[label]).
  	widget style: aSpec style.
  	aSpec changeLabelWhen
+ 		ifNotNil: [ :event | widget whenChanged: event update: aSpec label].
- 		ifNotNilDo: [ :event | widget whenChanged: event update: aSpec label].
  	self register: widget id: aSpec name.
  	enabled := aSpec enabled.
  	enabled isSymbol
  		ifTrue:[widget getEnabledSelector: enabled]
  		ifFalse:[widget enabled:enabled].
  	widget action: action.
  	aSpec color isColor
  		ifTrue: [widget offColor: aSpec color]
  		ifFalse: [widget getColorSelector: aSpec color].
  	self buildHelpFor: widget spec: aSpec. 
  	(label isSymbol or:[label == nil]) ifFalse:[widget label: label].
  	self setFrame: aSpec frame in: widget.
  	self setLayoutHintsFor: widget spec: aSpec.
  	parent ifNotNil:[self add: widget to: parent].

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PluggableButtonMorphPlus>>update: (in category 'updating') -----
  update: what
  	super update: what.
  	getColorSelector ifNotNil: [:sel |
  		what == sel ifTrue: [self offColor: (model perform: sel)]].
  	getEnabledSelector ifNotNil: [:sel |
  		what == sel ifTrue: [self enabled: (model perform: sel)]].
  	updateMap ifNotNil:
  		[(updateMap at: what ifAbsent: [])
+ 			ifNotNil: [ :newTarget | self update: newTarget]].
- 			ifNotNilDo: [ :newTarget | self update: newTarget]].

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