[Seaside] Newbie questions

Julian Fitzell seaside@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 14:56:59 -0700

Felix Franz wrote:
> Hi Pablo,
> Pablo Iaria wrote:
>> Thanks a lot for answering !
>> Unfortunately it didn't works as expected....
>> I have a html file with:
>> <html>
>>     <body>
>>         <mytestcomponent sea:id="testing"></mytestcomponent>
>>     </body>
>> </html>
>> I set the "Document Root" property with the file path and I added the
>> "template" method you told me earlier but I got the 
>> "MessageNotUnderstood:
>> children"  message.
> changing the method to:
> template
>   template ifNil:
>     [template := IAFileTemplate new file: 'foo.html'; model: self.
>      self addHandlers].
>   ^ template
> worked for me. (model: self is used in IAPage>>template)

Yup, you got it exactly right... I was modifying code from an older 
example and missed that change...

But, in the process of testing to find that I've found another 
problem...  If you modify a file-based template then you get errors when 
it gets reloaded until you start a new session... I'm looking to see if 
I can find a fix.


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