[Seaside] Http auth problems

Julian Fitzell seaside@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 16:57:21 -0700

Hi Tim,

Avi's away at the moment and I'm about to head out for the day.  Any 
chance you could file a bug at http://bugs.beta4.com/ with as much 
detail as you can so we can make sure to take a look at it?

My only initial thought is that there's some kind of cacheing issue 
going or your browser not handling redirects quite right.  But I don't 
know the innards of the Basic Auth stuff well.

As for IE, I have problems like that all the time. Eventually even 
shift-reload doesn't seem to work anymore and then if I'm lucky quitting 
*all* my IE windows and opening a new one works...

I'll try to find time to look at this tomorrow or the next...

If anyone else has any advice to add in the meantime I'd be happy to 
hear it :)



Tim Rowledge wrote:
> After Avi suggested trying to use Http basic auth for my website I seem 
> to be having some very wierd problems. The first one is a strange 
> behaviour on _one_ of my Acorn browsers; when returning from a 
> #callPage: - the browser doesn't update unless I manually hit the reload 
> button! It then goes to  #confirm: page, after which it again won't 
> refresh properly, showing the warning you get when a transaction has 
> expired. If I hit the reload button soon enough I do get to the proper 
> page... wierd.
> I've tried removing the #isolate: fro mmy code to no avail, I know the 
> code does go through the proper paths etc.
> The latest apparent problem is that I can't get IE to talk to my server 
> at all, though I can't for the life of me see how it can be affecting 
> it. Y'never know though, so I thought I should mention it.
> I guess to be complete I should point out that both used to work just fine.
> tim
> tim@sumeru.stanford.edu
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