[Seaside] Http auth problems

Tim Rowledge seaside@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 16:50:33 -0700

In message <3D62D761.20108@beta4.com>
          Julian Fitzell <julian@beta4.com> wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> Avi's away at the moment and I'm about to head out for the day.  Any 
> chance you could file a bug at http://bugs.beta4.com/ with as much 
> detail as you can so we can make sure to take a look at it?
Doesn't look like it unfortunately - I can't seem to log in. I'm sure I
had an account setup...
> My only initial thought is that there's some kind of cacheing issue 
> going or your browser not handling redirects quite right.  But I don't
> know the innards of the Basic Auth stuff well.
I copied the code from IAAuthenticatedSession, nothing tricky added by
me. Previously I had been using code copied from IAAuthPageSession -
that caused no problems. I'll try reverting to see what happens. The
problem is only on the one Acorn browser, but I have long experience
with problems that look like being 'only on one uninteresting setup'
turning out to be serious problems for everyone after investigation. It
would be good to find out what is happening, just in case this is one of
> As for IE, I have problems like that all the time. Eventually even 
> shift-reload doesn't seem to work anymore and then if I'm lucky quitting 
> *all* my IE windows and opening a new one works...
That one seems to have yielded to rebooting the powerbook a few times,
implying some cretinous nonsense in os-x/ie is at fault. Surprise....

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