[Seaside] saving & uploading files?

Julian Fitzell seaside@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 02:08:32 -0700

Hi Tim,

as I recall, the FileUpload tag class is used to generate the file 
upload input in a form.  Then, when the form is submitted, the file data 
is removed and stored in an IAFile object.  This object is in the fields 
dictionary in the request object and should therefore get automatically 
placed into whatever variable the FileUpload tag was bound to.

Not sure I ever tried using it myself but I think that was how it was 
supposed to work.  Have you had specific problems with it or just 
wondering where to start?


Tim Rowledge wrote:
> I'd like to allow users to save certain info (like the results of a
> test, or a list of  questions) to a file on their own machine or to
> upload a file (probably one saved previously).
> I see the IAFileUpload tag class, but it doesn't tell me a lot. :-(
> tim

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