[Seaside] New VW port

Cees de Groot cg@cdegroot.com
2 Jun 2002 16:06:29 +0200

I've published a new VW port. It seems to work (again :-)), although some
sample applications still fail - the issue of course is to determine
whether they fail due to Squeak compatibility issues in the apps
themselves or whether the port of Seaside is broken.

The port will appear in a few moments on the Cincom public StORE, and I'll
drop a parcel in the Swiki later today.

OBTW: what's the easiest way to generate big, complex, tables? I have a table
with price information that's editable. It's a 3D thing: I have subscription
periods, customer types, and two prices (setup and period). So the table looks
            Normal         Affiliate     Partner
         setup  period   setup period  setup period
12m      10.00   5.00    10.00 4.50    10.00 4.00
24m      10.00   9.50    10.00 9.00    10.00 8.50
36m       5.00  14.00     5.00 13.00    5.00 12.00
<empty row so that people can just fill in the blanks to add a row>

I want the rows to have alternating colors, and the customer types as well
(and where they cross, a blend of both). All the prices (but not the periods)
are editable text fields. Naturally, I want to separate the structure from the
looks (alternating stuff) as much as possible. 

Any ideas? I'm just toying around with moderately complex stuff that I know
how to do in 'my own' toolkit, in order to have some way to compare it.

('my own' toolkit ain't very special, it's basically some HTML generation
stuff with extensive table support; tables are generated by handing an ordered
collection of blocks - called generators - for the columns and a collection of
objects for the rows; for every cell, the block is called with the value of the
current object)

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