[Seaside] Setting instance variables

Jim Benson jb@speed.net
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 23:15:44 -0700

So here's my latest question.

I have two calendars on one page. I place the two calendars sub-components
side by side in a table, something like:

 ^ #(
    ( table
        ( tr ( td ( RVCalendar sea:id: previousMonth))
              ( td ( RVCalendar sea:id: thisMonth))

The first calendar is for the previous month, the second is for the this
month, e.g. , May and June. A calendar has an  instance variable that
indicates the month, which is set by #month: . When the page is first
served, I want to assign the month values to the calendars, subsequently
each calendar keeps its own state.

[Each calendar has a previous/next button, so that the user can flip through
the calendar]. I haven't been able to figure out when or how to do that in
Seaside, which probably indicates that I don't quite understand how the
instance creation sequence takes place, or where to jump in when I want to
fiddle around with something that the template creates.