[Seaside] dynamic subcomponents proposal

julian@beta4.com julian@beta4.com
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 08:27:08 -0700

Quoting Tim Rowledge <tim@sumeru.stanford.edu>:

> I'm too brainwiped right now to offer any actually helpful thoughts (I'd
> like to be able to summon any thoughts...) but I'm certainly not keen on
> 'magic' method names as a general rule.

I'm way too brain-wiped to come up with anything myself.  I originally read the 
message on a terminal I found in a museum I had been wandering for several 
hours in Lucerne, Switzerland and I've been mostly reading and not contributing 
while on holiday.  But, I also flinched at the magic method names a bit.  I'm 
not even going to think about this any more until I get home in 2 weeks but I 
just thought I'd through my initial reaction in for good measure.

Back to the 30+ degree heat... :)