[Seaside] flakey behaviour on mac osx

Rob Whitfield seaside@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:41:51 -0400

I have seen a number of bizarre things with squeak/comanche/seaside on
mac osx.&nbsp; I have an app that was ported from Windows - sometimes it
runs but weird stuff happens:
<li>browser tells me image (a jpg) can't be displayed because of too
little memory - changing image to a png causes problem to go away
<li>squeak randomly hangs after sitting idle for a while and only a new
image file allows squeak to start up again
<li>squeak sometimes comes up partially with just a few windows showing
and several others missing - I need to get a new image file to clear this
<li>sometimes things look fine with respect to squeak but I can't connect
to comanche - new image file clears up problem
</ul>Has anyone seen these sorts of problems?&nbsp; I'm wondering if my
machine is under-configured and leading to flakiness.&nbsp; The 1st item
is the primary reason for my suspicion but it's far from