[Seaside] Re: those manic algorithmic questions

Tim Rowledge seaside@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:57:53 -0700

Y'know, these algorithmic questions are tantalisingly like #html methods
and it's driving me mad.

It's like:-
	^'Wibble fooble has balance of $[balance] and sells $[sales]. The
change in the owners equity is [textBox]'

	^ bal := 5000 + (10 random * 500)

	^sal := 2400 + (6 random * 200)

	^IATextBox .... whatever.

The problem is making the class/methods automagically from another kind
of description. Oh and capturing the values to feed through the
algorithm to make the correct answer etc. It feels like there really
should be a way to (ab)use what's already there.

Grr. Canned inspiration welcomed.


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