[Seaside] Iterators in 0.94

Jim Benson seaside@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:05:59 -0700

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> On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Jim Benson wrote:
> > I start my 0.94 conversion. I know that I have to create an addHandler
> > method for the IARepeatIterator. I thought it would be something along
> > lines of:
> >
> >
> >  (template elementNamed: '@aDay/week')
> >   onDisplay: [:r |
> >    r list: #week; iterator: #aDay;
> >    attributeAt: #bgcolor put: self dayBackground].
> >
> > but when I get into >>dayBackground, there is nothing in the locals to
> > indicate that there is anything associated with #aDay.
> Right.  So there are two problems here.  One is that you're giving it
> #week as the collection, which I'm pretty sure isn't what you want (it
> would iterate over $w, $e, $e, $e, $k...).  Pass it the actual collection
> instead (on the other hand, the symbol is right for #aDay, since that's
> just telling it what to name the local).  However, you don't actually need
> this part, because...

Right I bungled that because:

 ( tr repeat: '@week/weeks'
   ( span repeat: '@aDay/week'
    (td sea:id: 'dayCell'
    ( div align: center (font size: '+1' ( a sea:id: dayJump
'[aDay.dayOfMonth]' )))
  ) )

'week' is the name of the local in the tr repeat. I'm not sure how you're
supposed to address it.

> the other problem is that onDisplay only gets called once for the list as
> a whole, which means that your #attributeAt:put: will also only get called
> once.  I played with some kludges to change this behavior, but ultimately
> the way to fix it is to do this:
> (span repeat: '@aDay/week'
>   (td sea:id: 'dayCell'
>     ...))
> addHandlers
>   (template elementNamed: 'dayCell')
>     onDisplay: [:cell | cell attributeAt: #bgcolor put: self

I did this and it worked.

When do you have to fiddle with the #list: and #iterator: messages in