[Seaside] Enterprise readiness of Squeak/Seaside

Cees de Groot cg@cdegroot.com
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 01:05:50 +0100

avi@beta4.com said:
> Well, I imagine the main requirement for that is a good way to do
> session affinity across multiple servers. 

It would be nice, but it's not really necessary. We are using simple LVS-based 
load balancing for most of our servers (we run all our webserver platforms in 
n+1 configurations), and the affinity is with client IP address. That's good 
enough for most cases. I'm quite sure it'd work for Seaside as well (we use it 
for Zope, Apache, Intershop and they'll all happy with it - Zope runs in a ZEO 
environment with the actual ZODB on a back-end server; this is something 
that'd be needed for our persistence engine as well).

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