[Seaside] URL link and caching

Damon Anderson damon@spof.net
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 00:54:43 -0600

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Avi Bryant writes:
 > On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Damon Anderson wrote:
 > > I haven't investigated to see what it is about the response that is
 > > making IE6 choke, but I can do that when I get home.
 > Could you?  I don't have easy access to IE6, so anything you can figure
 > out would be useful.

It looks like IE6 is detecting a redirect loop. If you hit
/seaside/tutorial you get redirect to (for example)
/seaside/tutorial/62/top/main/act, which redirects you a second time to
/seaside/tutorial/62/top/main/view. Because the redirects come back so
quickly (and perhaps because they all look like similar URLs), IE
displays an error and starts ignoring them. Once you get to a /view page
Seaside works fine, because each of the subsequent form submissions only
results in a single redirect. I think this is also why I've never seen
the problem with any web apps I've written.

Changing IAApplication>>invalidSessionFor: to redirect straight to the
view instead of the action fixes the problem, but will that break
anything? I've attached a small changeset so that you can try it out.


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