[Seaside] Feedback?

Julian Fitzell julian@beta4.com
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 07:43:47 -0800

Keith Hodges wrote:
> Hello, some comments,
> 1. Thanks for the tutorial part 2 Avi, very helpful!
> For those familiar with ZOPEs documentation (sarcasm intended) I would 
> like to comment.
> Perhaps the mantra "DOCUMENTATION MAKETH A PRODUCT".  I have already 
> found the two tutorials far far more useful than the Zope book.
> This is probably because I already understand smalltalk's capabilities 
> and seaside's 'clean' integration with what I already know is its 
> defining feature.
> Of course cleanliness IS next to godliness.
> In the same way in XP beleives that every piece of functionality must be 
> enshrouded in tests, other wise it may be deemed redundant.
> For some users, not all, every feature and capability not documented (in 
> some way) may as well not be there.

Thanks.  Can't say we like doing documentation but we at least realise 
its importance.  And I agree with you that if it isn't documented it 
won't get used by anybody.

> 1b, I think the wording 'please describe your fruit' is misleading and 
> needs to be 'please name your fruit'.

Avi has the original source squirreled away somewhere so I'll leave that 
to him. ;-)

> 2. I have no idea what version(s) of squeak Seaside is being developed 
> in or validated against, could we put something in the swiki.
> I personally have tried it in the ComSwiki 1.2 distribution and 3.1 
> beta, using both the Carbon and Cocoa VMs

We use 3.2gamma on linux (Avi) and Windows (myself) and currently don't 
do any other testing ourselves.  I added a swiki page at 
http://swiki.squeakfoundation.org/sea/24 for people to record other 
successes.  Feel free to add yours.

> 3. I tried loading the latest change set two days ago, (do you need a 
> fresh image?) and the minesweeper example was broken. You might want to 
> quickly check this.

Not entirely sure what you mean by "the latest change set two days ago". 
  0.92 was just released last night.  Do you mean from SSVS? or are you 
talking about 0.91?  I just tested minesweeper in my image (not the 0.92 
changeset directly) and it works fine.  Also, how exactly is it broken?

> 4. Is there anyone developing widgets?

I haven't heard of anyone else doing this yet (at least not any general 
library of them) but we will happily take submissions from anyone that 
has useful and general widgets they think should be included.  We have a 
few ideas and every time we develop something for a project we tend to 
roll it into seaside.


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