[Seaside] component replacement

Kamil Kukura kamk@volny.cz
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 22:02:24 +0100

This might be trivial but it gives me headache:

In my application I have simple layout: table with one vertical strip 
with component called 'helper' and the rest with comp. 'body'. This 
helper is first set to LoginClass which handles login process and when 
it succeeds it does: self jumpToPage: MenuClass new. Then there's menu 
that in fact control the body component and provides logout action which 
in turn does self: jumpToPage: LoginClass new. Everything works great.

Now I want to synchronize the body. That is when helper swaps then body 
needs go to home, like by code: self children at 'body' jumpToPage: 
MainClass new. What I'm thinking about now is do everything what 
IAComponent>>jumpToPage: does except that continuation. Is this safe?