[Seaside] On playing with tutorial 1

Tim Rowledge tim@sumeru.stanford.edu
Thu, 09 May 2002 15:52:20 -0700

I've just run through tutorial 1. I'm deliberately commenting before
even looking at number 2, so if any of my points are addressed therein,
just let me find out when I get to it.

My first thought was "what? I have to manually type html? Bugger". The
problem is that it's so tedious trying to find that missing $", or $>
that is making something very wierd turn up in your browser (or not, on

Secondly, I'm very perturbed by the idea of using a 'path' syntax to
rape and molest objects as in the [each.value] phrase. What happened to
message sends?

Tutorial style note; I suggest making instance variable names NOT
thesame as the messages used to retrieve them. This is something I found
over several years of teaching Smalltalk to be a very forcible reminder
to students that there is a message sned involved not a 'pointer
dereference' or any of that C crap.

Fourth; hey, it's cool that any of this stuff works :-) It runs just
dandy on my seven year old 200MHz ARM machine. Who needs a 2GHz x86
electron sucker?

OK, on to tutorial 2


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