[Seaside] Woohoo, made a list of links! Now for the next bit...

Tim Rowledge tim@sumeru.stanford.edu
Sat, 11 May 2002 22:08:11 -0700

... so I finally managed to correctly type
<li sea:id="each/questionIDs"
and get a neat list of links that result in my applet getting a sensible
message along with a sensible argument. I'm impressed with how simple it
actually is, if not with my ability to type wot I ment to rite.

To present my little tests I want to start with a page that looks like:-
Some heading

 Q. 1  |   The description of the chosen test
 Q. 2  |   giving details of what subjects it
 Q. 3  |   covers etc.
 etc   |

Once a 'Q' link is hit, it should change to
Some heading

 Q. 1  |   The purpose of the little widget on top
 Q. 2  |   of Obi-Wan's hat is to:-
 Q. 3  |   a) wobble
 etc   |   b) confuse clones

Where a) b) etc will be radio buttons or whatever and the answer will be
checked, scores added up etc.

I suppose it could be a table with the right side contents changed by
hitting a 'Q' link? Is there a nice embedding protocol I should use? I'm
sure there must be from all the clever stuff in there but I'm not sure
I get it yet and it's getting very late here.

Suggestion for tutorial 3 - something that illustrates how you don't
need to care about urls, since it is so very different to comswiki etc.
Handling more complex layout would be good too, and example of plenty of
the clever repeats.

For 4, I'd suggest it is time to illustrate something about having user
accounts and making them login in, how to find out about the user during
the processing (for example, I will need to get user details to decide
if they have already tried a practice test too many times, to get and
update their scores, stuff like that)

Tim Rowledge, tim@sumeru.stanford.edu, http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim
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