[Seaside] Seaside 0.93

Avi Bryant avi@beta4.com
Mon, 13 May 2002 12:41:30 -0700 (PDT)


Since 0.92 is getting rather old, I'm quietly releasing a 0.93 changeset
for you guys to try out.  This is partly so I have a stable point to
branch from before wading off into a restructuring of the binding system.
I'm also experimenting with moving from our homegrown SSVS versioning
system to CVS (using my DVS diff-to-changeset conversion), so 0.93
likely represents the end of the line as far as SSVS goes.

I'm not providing a patch, please test this in a clean image.

There are two significant changes from 0.92, both of which are still
somewhat experimental:

- There is now some support for CSS.  This takes two forms: first, an
extra macro is added to the template parsing pipeline which copies all
sea:id attributes into equivalent CSS id attributes, so you can address
elements in stylesheets by their sea:id.  This is admittedly too
simplistic, and Kamil has expressed some concern about namespace conflicts;
I'd like to hear of any better schemes for doing the same thing.

Second, the <head> section of templates is now treated specially, in that
the <head> section of all child components in a page is appended to the
<head> section of their parent.  This allows any component to include
<style> or other blocks in their <head>s without worrying about whether
they are the toplevel component. One unfortunate, temporary side effect of
this is that attributes on <body> tags are currently ignored.  It's
recommended that you use the CSS equivalents for now.

- Treatment of static resources like images and stylesheets has changed
considerably.  The documentRoot setting in IAApplication now expects a
file system path, not a URL.  Files in this path can be accessed with the
relative url 'resource', so that where before you might have had <img
src="@foo.jpg">, you will now have <img src='resource/foo.jpg'>.

No attempt has yet been made to make this mechanism either efficient
or secure, so those who are concerned may want to look at

Dynamic image tags now work much like anchors and submit buttons, in
that their URLs invoke methods that should then jump to pages which
will output the desired image; see IAImageTest (/seaside/screenshot) for
an example.  This example only seems to work with Comanche for now.

Please let me know what experiences, good and bad, you have with this